The Daily Texan’s winter playlist to keep you warm

Angela Lim, Life and Arts Reporter

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the Jan. 25, 2022 flipbook.

Put on your comfiest sweater, grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a moment to unwind. As the months grow colder and Austin sees freezing temperatures, The Daily Texan compiled a playlist to accompany students on winter days spent both indoors and outdoors.

“Like the Movies” by Laufey

Laufey’s jazzy, cinematic songs encapsulate slow winter mornings. Her voice embraces her listeners’ souls as they make a cup of coffee, curl up in a blanket and hopelessly daydream about a perfect love.

“Living Room Floor” by Sammy Rae & The Friends

The lively piano in “Living Room Floor” sounds like sunny snow days, resonating powerfully until the very end. Lead vocalist Sammy Rae conveys a story of humble beginnings and carving one’s space in the world, singing, “I am in my own place / I am my own house.”

“Forever Winter” by Taylor Swift

Swift has a song for every moment. Once the drums of “Forever Winter” come in, the singer-songwriter transports her listeners to colder weather. Embellished with festive bells and brass, the emotional chorus pleads for solace amidst chaos.

“This Could Be A Dream” by AURORA

This soothing b-side from AURORA’s 2022 album The Gods We Can Touch brings light to those who feel lost, reminding them that it’s OK to drift away for a while. Feeling the seasonal blues? Take a deep breath and escape into this melody.

“Management” by Clairo

Clairo blends moving piano sections with self-reflective lyrics to express a journey of finding independence through song. While the tempo shifts, instruments coming and going throughout, the song’s atmosphere remains warm and peaceful.

“For Once I Can Say” by Sophia James

“For Once I Can Say” carries the bliss of meeting someone who brings vibrant color to one’s life. With jazz influences perfect for a winter stroll, the artist’s soulful voice sings, “I’m mending my heart and I’m wishing on stars in the sky up above.”

“Tapestry” by Bruno Major

Major’s entire discography screams winter. “Tapestry” talks about beauty in its various forms, from seeing the “snow cap of a mountain top” to reading “a book by candlelight.” The artist invites listeners to appreciate every moment, no matter how grand or mundane.

“Smoke Signals” by Phoebe Bridgers

The lead track of Bridges’ debut album Stranger in the Alps tells stories that evoke nostalgia despite their lack of context. With a cold bass, its last lyrics draw the line: “You are anonymous, I am a concrete wall.” Listen to “Smoke Signals” on gloomy days.

“Like Real People Do” by Hozier

From the artist’s self-titled 2014 album, “Like Real People Do” takes inspiration from the idea of falling in love with someone buried in the earth. The acoustic guitar and backing vocals create undertones both haunting and mellow for the dreary weather.

“Mystery” by Matt Maltese

Ambient, wistful and marked by its nonchalant melody, “Mystery” contemplates one’s irrational feelings. After a distorted, slow-dancing interlude, the track ends with the sound of chilly winds and unanswered questions.