The Daily Texan’s Valentine’s Day playlist to sweep you off your feet

Angela Lim, Life and arts senior reporter

Spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone? Beyond arranging the flowers and gifts, set the mood by updating your playlists. With Valentine’s Day preparations already underway, The Daily Texan compiled a list of songs to complement students’ plans and keep them company. 


“Every Summertime” by NIKI

The viral hit, which led NIKI to 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, takes listeners back in time to a dreamy, budding romance set in Los Angeles. With lyrics evoking memories of one’s carefree youth, the singer-songwriter’s soulful vocals complete this retro ensemble.


“Just A Notion” by ABBA

The iconic pop quartet shares the excitement of having heart-fluttering encounters with someone from afar. This feel-good track shows the beginning of a love story through its bright harmonies and splendid piano chords.


“Vivid” by Any Name’s Okay

This declaration of admiration crashes down with resounding guitar riffs and Sofia Abrogar’s passionate voice. Filled with hope, the song describes the feeling of taking a “leap of faith” and “coming home” to a loved one.


“Line by Line” by PREP, featuring Cory Wong and Paul Jackson Jr.

With influences from jazz and funk, “Line by Line” tells stories of spontaneous adventures and talking until sunrise. The song portrays both the thrill and hesitance of an early relationship, wanting to ignore societal expectations and go with the flow.


“daisy.” by wave to earth

This laidback jam likens a significant other to a daisy that brings color to one’s life. With light vocals contrasting a steady bass, the track changes textures throughout, painting images of wonder on a blank, empty canvas.


“Lovesong (The Way)” by Charlie Burg, featuring The Bluets

This tune for the faint of heart fluctuates between delicate and grungy instrumentals, sailing on a current of wistfulness. With a swinging groove, “Lovesong (The Way)” reminisces on a relationship that changed over time and what could’ve been.


“Sweet to Me” by Summer Salt

Summer Salt’s mellow, paradise-like sound invites listeners to slow dance under the sun’s gentle light. “Sweet to Me” carries love and nostalgia with a swaying rhythm, its lyrics sharing numerous moments of enjoying another’s company.


“Lovestained” by Hope Tala

Hope Tala seamlessly blends bossa nova and R&B elements to express the bliss felt in a flowering, playful relationship. As the addictive guitars strum, the artist’s honeysuckle voice sings, “And I’ll skip into the sunlight with you / And skip back at midnight.”


“Pluto Projector” by Rex Orange County

The lyrics in “Pluto Projector” reveal the vulnerability of being helplessly comfortable and in love, desiring a future with a special someone. Through an orchestral arrangement that reflects one’s overwhelming emotions, the artist confesses with only an eternity in mind.


“ONLY” by LeeHi

“ONLY” conveys a couple’s tenderness through an elegant waltz. The strings introduced in the second half of the song create a cinematic, vibrant atmosphere. For hopeless romantics, this is what falling in love sounds like.