What your UT college says about your fashion style

Emily Harrison, Life & Arts Reporter

UT’s got style! As Longhorns strut down Speedway, students from each UT college and school present their own specific vibe and aesthetic. Check out The Daily Texan’s picks for what style each chic college and/or school represents!

College of Liberal Arts – Geek Chic

Eyes glued to their books, these students practically live in the PCL or a local coffee shop. Regardless of studious location, they always match the aesthetic of their surroundings — in a chic way!

School of Architecture – Modern Victorian

These students appreciate classical pieces in both architecture and clothes!

College of Natural Sciences – Minimalists

They’re very practical, simple and sleek.

School of Nursing – Material Gorl – Y2K

When not in leggings or sweats, nursing students save lives in style, serving very much early 2000s glam.

College of Pharmacy – Preppy

Plaid pants, khakis, button ups and cardigans fill their closets. They probably take vitamins every morning and have emergency ibuprofen in their bag at all times.

Cockrell School of Engineering – Comfy Casual

Too busy to care what they’re wearing, engineering students live in sweats, and they’re pretty happy with that too.

College of Education – Mom and Dad Vibes

As the parents of the friend group, they’ll be seen in long skirts, button up shirts, baggy jeans and loafers or clogs.

Moody College of Communication – Couture

Obsessed with social media, Moody students are always up to date on the latest trends from mixed patterns to crochet.

McCombs School of Business – Streetwear

McCombs students probably live in pantsuits, but outside of the office, they like to have a good time.

College of Fine Arts – Artsy

It’s all in the name. Fine arts students, with their creative minds, are full of bright colors and patterns!

School of Information – Grunge

They’ve probably dug so deep in the Internet that they know all the conspiracy theories known to man. They’re intriguing, giving them a mysterious, edgy vibe.

Jackson School of Geosciences – Indie

They definitely have a thing for crystals and listen to “underground” indie music, making everyone around them jealous of how cool and earthy they always look.

Steve Hicks School of Social Work – Soft

Because of their kind hearts, their wardrobe consists of lots of pastels and soft patterns.

LBJ School of Public Affairs – Vintage

They’re the older sibling we all wish we had influencing us growing up. They definitely miss the simpler times and never support fast fashion.

School of Law – Business Casual

They’re dressed and ready for a lawsuit any time, any day. Don’t catch a case with them!

School of Undergraduate Studies – Interchanging

UGS students are always changing their minds! They like to change up their look periodically to keep things fun and fresh!

Dell Medical School – Scrubs. Just scrubs.

Let’s face it — y’all probably live in the hospital.