The Foo Fighters take on supernatural in rockin’ horror comedy ‘Studio 666’

Ryan Ranc, Life & Arts Reporter

This article contains spoilers for “Studio 666.”

Nothing beats the mixing of horror movies and rock music. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Foo Fighters make this crystal clear in their new satanic horror-comedy titled “Studio 666.” The film follows the Foo Fighters and their journey to create their 10th album in an old haunted house when suddenly, all hell breaks loose. Literally. Dave Grohl becomes possessed by a demon rock artist who killed his bandmates, leaving the rest of the band members with the duty of either saving their fearless leader or dying in the process.

Each of the individual band members do an excellent job at seeming believable while still understanding they are in a “B” horror movie. They behave in a snarky manner and show off their chemistry as a band, though that part may have been easiest. Their line deliveries are comical, and they say their most campy lines in a straight-faced manner to make them even more enjoyable.

With a concept as simple as a demonic force possessing a musician, one would think the story would be a consistently amusing thrill ride, but the story of “Studio 666 struggles with a dawdling plot. Even the fantastic humor couldn’t save certain botched elements of the storytelling. The first two acts take a while to rev up the action, while the third act drags on with plot twist after plot twist. While these minor issues never hinder the entire movie, it’s still notable because even the most campy horror flicks need to have a sound plot. No amount of cameos can fix this, which is saying something considering there are some killer cameos sprinkled throughout.

Most audiences watching this movie probably came not only for the Foo Fighters but for the gore. This movie takes gore to the next level. “Studio 666makes it clear that it takes inspiration from “The Evil Dead” movies, even including a reference to a blood-filled light bulb. However, unlike Sam Raimi’s classic movies, “Studio 666 had permission to show every bit of the gore. Each kill is more visceral than the last and will leave audiences with their minds blown. Horror fans will appreciate the use of practical effects to create the many splat-tastic, bloody kills.

Since “Studio 666 unites horror and rock, the music had to do the duo justice, and the score does just that. The music fits the thematic tone and sounds just like songs by the Foo Fighters and other rock artists. A rock song used as a plot device to give power to demons shows the story’s dedication to the rock genre. The music never gets tiresome and happens to be one of the more memorable parts of the movie. The background music gives off vibes of old 80s horror and John Carpenter flicks. Ironically, Carpenter helped make the theme song for this movie. Horror fans will be pleased to have yet another horror movie with an infectious soundtrack.

Studio 666is nowhere near a flawless movie, but for a “B” horror movie, the film checks all the boxes and makes for a fun watch. Interested in rock music, raunchy comedy and excessive gore? Then “Studio 666 is a must-see! This movie will be a great watch for both horror fans and Foo Fighters fanatics.

3.5 guitar riffs out of 5