Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock talk adventure comedy ‘The Lost City’

Noah Levine, Senior Film Columnist

Paramount’s new adventure comedy “The Lost City” smashes into theaters nationwide on March 19. The movie had a special premiere screening at Austin’s very own SXSW this past Saturday. “The Lost City” follows reclusive author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) who gets wrapped up in a high-stakes adventure story outside of her fiction work. The comedy boasts an impressive ensemble cast featuring Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt. 

The Daily Texan attended the red carpet premiere of the flick and spoke with Radcliffe and Bullock about working on the adventure film. 

The Daily Texan: You’re usually known as sort of a heroic character on screen, so was it refreshing to take on a villainous character in “The Lost City”?

Daniel Radcliffe: It is! It also is refreshing to play someone where at no point in the movie is my focus being the emotional eyes of the audience or likable in any way. There is something endearing about him, but only because of how pathetic he is. He is amoral and kind of evil, but he’s also desperate to be liked. That was a fun element to him that made him seem more human, and I was able to kind of latch onto that a bit.


DT: Would you say there’s a similar acting process for playing both heroes and villains?

DR: Yeah, I think so. I’m not (a) method (actor). I’ve just done the “Weird Al” movie, so I’ve been learning accordion. For some stuff, there’s prep specific to certain jobs, but I’m not method, and I don’t have to live as an asshole for months in order to play him. 


DT: “The Woman in Black” was one of the first horror movies I saw in theaters and I want to direct horror

DR: I’m sorry, how old are you?

DT: I’m 21!

DR: Aw man, so that came out 10 years ago. So you saw that when you were 11! That’s wild. 

DT: It was terrifying! So, I’m wondering if horror is something you would do again?

DR: Oh God, yeah! I thought the “Woman in Black” was a really special film with an incredibly talented director. I would definitely do horror again, but not any script –– it just has to be the right one. If it’s something interesting and cool, then absolutely I love horror. 


DT: You’ve done a lot of dramatic character work in your career. Is working on something comedy-driven more relaxing as an actor?

Sandra Bullock: It is more fun to make, but it’s scarier. Because if you don’t nail it, and you don’t get it in the camera, you don’t have it. Versus a drama, there’s certain emotional levels you need to get, but you have the help of editing, music, VFX and so many other things you get there. Comedy, if you don’t get it, the audience feels it. When you work with people who are your comedic people, there’s no better feeling. It’s a vibe. It’s a real high.