No. 4 Baylor crushes No. 11 Texas, 6-0

Matthew Caldwell, Sports Reporter

Following a 5-2 win over No. 30 Oklahoma this past Sunday, No. 11 Texas looked to add on to its three-game win streak over ranked opponents with a match against No. 4 Baylor. The last time the two faced off was Feb. 7 in Waco, Texas, where the Bears took it to the Longhorns, beating them 6-1.

Baylor has won three of the last four meetings against Texas, in which the winner of the doubles point ended up winning the overall match each time. This match wouldn’t be any different, as the Bears won doubles and ended up winning 6-0.

In Friday’s match, the Bears got off to a hot start and never looked back. At line three, junior Chih Chi Huang and sophomore Micah Braswell went down a couple of breaks and weren’t ever able to recover, losing the set 6-3. The same was true for sophomores Eliot Spizzirri and Siem Woldeab at line two. The pair went down a break early in the set and, although they had two break points, weren’t able to climb back either, losing 6-4 and giving Baylor the doubles point.

Heading into singles play, the Bears had the momentum on their side. Baylor’s No. 15 Adrian Boitan played at an elite level, taking the first set 6-1 against No. 24 Braswell at line one. No. 50 Matias Soto matched Boitan’s level, similarly winning the first set 6-1 against freshman Pierre-Yves Bailly at line two. Baylor also took the first set at lines four and five.

No. 66 Spizzirri and redshirt sophomore Cleeve Harper were the only two Longhorns that took their first sets, winning them 6-3 and 6-4, respectively.

The match quickly took a turn for the worse for Texas. Within a minute of each other, the Bears earned two points. Bailly couldn’t force a third set, losing the second 6-3, while senior Richard Ciamarra just couldn’t get going against Finn Bass, losing 6-4, 6-2. Baylor now had a 3-0 lead, meaning the Longhorns needed to win the remaining four singles matches to take the win.

Woldeab won his service game and broke in the first two games of the first set, but went on to lose the next four and ultimately drop the first set 6-3. Woldeab kept up with Tadeas Paroulek of Baylor in the second set, but a loss of serve proved to be too much to overcome as Paroulek won the second set 6-3 as well.

Woldeab’s loss would officially put the Longhorns’ chances of a win aside, but the remaining matches continued apart from Spizzirri versus Sven Lah. The Bears take on No. 3 TCU on Sunday and Lah partakes in doubles and singles for Baylor, so a third set against Spizzirri wasn’t worth the effort with the win already locked up.

With the score 4-0, Braswell and Harper played on. At line one, Boitan continued his stellar play, going up big in the second set. Braswell did well to win a couple more games, but Boitan would eventually put it away, 6-4, pushing the lead to 5-0.

After winning the first set, Harper let the second slip. Because the overall match between Texas and Baylor was sealed, Harper and Juampi Mazzuchi played a super tiebreaker as the decider, in which Mazzuchi won 10-4.

It was not a pretty night for the Longhorns, as they lost to the Bears 6-0. Thankfully, the Horns have a doubleheader Sunday against No. 40 Texas Tech and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley for their last home matches of the regular season, where they will look to get back on track.