I was the worst associate managing editor. Here’s what you need to know:

Nathan Han, Associate Managing Editor

I’ve joked way too many times about finally leaving the Texan, but now that it’s actually time, I know I’m going to miss it, all because of the people.

Phoebe, thanks for a semester of getting out of the basement early. Your kindness and compassion this semester never failed to impress me. So sorry this isn’t going to make you cry.

Fiza, you’re going to be a great managing editor, and I can’t wait to see how the paper grows under your leadership. 

Myah, thanks for dealing with my long and often late stories as my sports and managing editor. I enjoy hearing what you have to say every time we chat and am really glad you were my FIG mentor. 

Matthew, thanks for letting me beat you in ping-pong over 60 times. I wouldn’t have enjoyed the Texan as much without having you as my fellow football and basketball writer.

Carter, thanks for being a friend since the very start of orientation and for sticking it out that spring — I was always impressed by your hard work and patience that semester.

Christina, you’re destined for great things, and thank you for breathing life into the sports department  — always keep sending audio messages.

Hannah, I’m glad you made the right switch from news to sports, even if it took you two more years than it took me. Never let an old and musty group of reporters shoot down your swagger.

My fall ‘21 staff — Ross, Taylor, Kaitlyn, Vicente, Arjun, Aakriti, Emma, Toby, Hunter, Pierson, Payne, Shez, Ana, Emily, Jordan, Nicks, Nikhil, Riley, Margaret — it’s been a privilege to watch y’all grow as reporters and writers. Thanks for letting me be your sports editor.

My past editors — Donnie, Marcus, Megan — I learned a lot my freshman year from all of y’all. Thanks for being my editors.

Rachael, Carolynn, Addie, Mantra, Lana, Megan, Jenny, Juleanna, Jack, Blaine and too many others to name, thank you for making my time in the basement and at the Texan fun and something I looked forward to every week.