The Daily Texan’s signature singles of June 2022

Darren Puccala, Life and Arts Reporter

With popular releases making their way into summer playlists, old songs finding their way back on top of the charts and singles from big-name artists being played on repeat by fans, June quickly became a significant month for music. To wrap up the exciting month for music releases, The Daily Texan compiled a list of top singles that stood out in June. 

Break My Soul – Beyoncé 

Returning after a long hiatus from her solo work, Beyoncé announced to fans that she never stopped putting in the work. Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” is an upbeat, house-inspired track that finds its roots in classic dance hits. Beyoncé utilizes some key samples for this single, most notably a sample of Robin S’ “Show Me Love.” The song’s production is very clean and excellently crafted. Beyoncé’s iconic voice continues to shine on this track, adding some enjoyable vocal inflections. “Break My Soul” already feels like a top single of the year, and yet for Queen Bey, it’s just another hit in a long catalog of stellar performances. 

Bad Habit – Steve Lacy 

To this day, Steve Lacy’s 2017 single “Dark Red” easily stands out as one of the most impressive breakthroughs into the music scene, remaining relevant with unimaginably impressive staying power. Lacy returned this June and continues to produce catchy romantic songs five years later. “Bad Habit” stays true to the elements that make Lacy’s music well loved, with very catchy guitar riffs and the singer’s iconic dreamy voice. Electric keys and a very simple drum line make up the beginning half of this song. However, Lacy’s decision to cut the instrumentals lets his tender voice transition to an acoustic guitar, and some surprising distortion is what elevates this single into a standout addition to Lacy’s long catalog of hits. 

Spitting Off the Edge of the World – Yeah Yeah Yeahs ft. Perfume Genius 

Fans finally get to hear Karen O’s voice after her 2013 hiatus from music. “Spitting Off the Edge of the World” feels like the culmination of nine long years of creativity with a sound very different from the band’s early 2000s origins. Yet the single, swelling with Brian Chase’s drums and carried along by noticeably grand synths, feels like a natural and sophisticated evolution for the band. One thing remains the same — Karen O’s strong vocal performance that elevates this single into something special. Karen O simultaneously looks back on those lost years while smugly looking toward her own future and the legacy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

Eat Men Eat – Black Midi 

English post-punk band Black Midi exploded onto the scene with their 2019 debut, and their new single “Eat Men Eat” indicates they’re only going to keep getting bigger. Black Midi creates such sonically distinct music, it’s almost impossible to not tune in to see how far they will push the envelope next. The songwriting and performance by lead vocalist Geordie Greep stand out as some of the best from June. The songwriting is very emotional and dramatic with an ode to classical Spanish ballads. The track — a journey from start to finish — climaxes in fast tempo drums and a screaming finish by Greep. From a band that insists they would “rather be terrible than the middle of the road,” the greatness of “Eat Men Eat” and their other work ensures they will not be described as either.