MetroBike bikeshare program just $12 per year at UT

Courtesy of CapMetro

Classes are in full swing at the University of Texas at Austin. You’re probably figuring out how you can cross the 40 acres to get to classes with just 15-minute passing periods. Luckily, walking isn’t the only option available to get from one side of campus to the other. In addition to the free UT shuttle buses currently running through campus, CapMetro provides 7 MetroBike docking stations on campus where you can rent bikes and e-bikes for as long as 60-minute rides.

Because of the university’s partnership with CapMetro, all students, faculty, and staff can enjoy a reduced price of only $12 annually. That’s a significant discount on the typical full-access annual membership of $87.

 UT students should sign up using this link:

MetroBike is a cost-effective solution to getting yourself to classes, meetings or study spots. Instead of coughing up the cash to purchase a personal bike, you can use CapMetro’s bikes whenever you need them for the flat fee of $12 a year. Not only are there currently supply chain delays creating a shortage of bikes in stock at retail stores, but the annual cost of maintaining a high-quality bike can creep up on you over time. Especially if you’re a student living in a dorm room or shared housing, finding a convenient storage solution for your bike can be an added frustration.

With designated bike lanes on campus and downtown, biking is an easy and safe alternative to walking to class and student jobs. In fact, why stop at just commuting to class? With a membership, you have access to unlimited rides from any of our 700 bikes at our 75 docking stations around Austin. You can bike to your favorite local coffee shops, restaurants, events or appointments. Check out a map of all the stations and available bikes here. Due to our commitment to expand the MetroBike program, we’re also opening a new station on Dean Keeton St later this year.

To reserve your MetroBike, download the BCycle app. Using the BCycle app, you can view the closest docking stations, check the number of available bikes and lock or unlock your rental bike with just a click. Learn more about all of CapMetro’s services for UT Students, faculty and staff in the Student Rider’s Guide.