Prep for Austin City Limits Festival with the Daily Texan ACL playlist

No ACL attendee can make it through the weekend without a lost voice and some slightly embarrassing singing videos. Considering this year’s impressive lineup of music icons and hitmakers, festival-goers will want to know as many songs as possible going into the event. For attendees skimming through Spotify in search of new favorites, The Daily Texan compiled a playlist of the best songs to listen to ahead of the festival — or even on the car ride to Zilker Park.

Voodoo? – L’Impératrice

Infused with a hip-swinging rhythm, this song from French pop and nu-disco group L’Impératrice will enchant listeners like a psychedelic, sugar-coated spell. Lead singer Flore Benguigui’s airy vocals float atop a funk-infused bass line, culminating in retro sound bridging the gap between disco and modern synth pop. 

Western Wind – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen’s debut single for her upcoming album The Loneliest Time assumes a sound more mellow and acoustic than most of her past pop projects. Jepsen’s laid-back and charming love song likens a wind-swept romance to the western winds of California, employing natural imagery and a breezy melody to set the tone for her new album.

1980s Horror Film II – The Wallows

This indie pop song puts all listeners in a coming-of-age movie state of mind, creating a cinematic feel to match the title. With ‘80s-esque synths, spacey vocals and story-driven lyrics, the song feels like a John Hughes movie and will prepare fans for an unforgettable weekend. 

Splinter – spill tab

For those looking for their indie rock fix at the festival, spill tab’s “Splinter” will provide the perfect head-banging grunge track. The loud, crunchy drums and blazing guitar lines in the chorus perfectly contradict lighter verses that feature the singer’s warm alto and light, breathy harmonies, creating a grandiose song that pushes and pulls listeners along on a musical journey. 

Cherry Forest – Lucky Daye 

Lucky Daye’s “Cherry Forest” makes for a romantic, funky R&B track, showcasing the singer’s powerful belt and hypnotic falsetto. Its sugar-coated lyricism soaks the listener in a blissful springtime vibe, culminating in a feel-good groovy track.   

I’m So Bored – Sarah and the Sundays

“I’m So Bored” puts forth the perfect upbeat, vibrant expression of unrequited love. With a sound reminiscent of Rex Orange County, this relatably pensive song captures the impatience and mania of ad