TV episodes to watch to get into the Halloween spirit

Mimi Calzada, Senior Life and Arts Reporter

While Halloween provides the opportunity to step out in stellar costumes with friends and divulge in a spooky state of mind, it also makes for a great seasonal TV episode. For students who don’t have time to see a full-length scary film or simply prefer to binge a TV series, The Daily Texan compiled a list of episodes to watch leading up to Halloween.

The Ghost of Suite 613 – “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”

In this season one episode, the gang learns from Mr. Moseby about the legend of the ghost who lives in suite 613. Zack, wanting to prove he can one-up Cody, bets his brother he can spend the night in the suite without getting scared away by the alleged ghost. The twins, joined by Maddie, London and Esteban, find themselves picked off one-by-one by the spirit before only Zack is left to fend for himself. The episode remains saturated in spooky comedy from the group’s Halloween-themed hijinks. Available to stream on Disney+, this episode maintains its legacy as one of the scariest experiences of Gen Z’s collective childhood.

Epidemiology – “Community”

When Dean Pelton hosts a costume party for the students of Greendale, party-goers turn into zombies after consuming toxic taco meat. The gang works together to save their classmates while trying their best to avoid getting bit. Fans of the comedy show will enjoy highlights such as its beloved characters decorated in creative costumes, with the likes of Dean Pelton as Lady Gaga, Annie as Little Red Riding Hood and Shirley as Galinda — not Miss Piggy — all to a backing soundtrack of ABBA’s greatest hits. Fortunately for all lovers of spooky season, “Community” contains many Halloween-themed episodes, all of which viewers can watch on Netflix. 

In Plain Fright – “Psych”

In this episode, Santa Barbara’s Halloween festival Scare Fest returns for the first time in 15 years after a freak ferris wheel accident resulted in the death of an attendee. Typical Shawn and Gus antics ensue when the pair goes on the haunted house ride and Shawn witnesses a murder right before his eyes. Unfortunately, Gus, covering his eyes for the majority of the ride, does not see the murder, so Shawn spends the episode convincing his colleagues of what he saw. This Halloween-themed “Psych” episode, which viewers can stream on Amazon Prime, makes a perfect choice for anybody looking to solve a murder mystery.

HalloVeen – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Since its inception, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” annually featured a Halloween heist episode, somehow managing to improve each year. The show’s season five contribution poses no exception, with the hijinks starting at the very beginning of the episode. The plot follows a competition between everyone in the station, wherein they try to steal the championship cumberbund that will be displayed in the middle of the room for anyone to see. Available to stream on Peacock, this episode full of betrayals and disguises ends with Jake asking Amy a very important question, but it never strays from the delightfully entertaining portrayal of each person attempting to outsmart everyone else in the room.