Duo and trio costume ideas to stand out this Halloween

Mimi Calzada, Senior Life&Arts Reporter

With Halloween rapidly approaching, the perfect group costume can be impossible to coordinate, even among the closest of friends. Luckily, plenty of movies and TV shows offer great costume ideas, so The Daily Texan has compiled a unique and extensive list of achievable costumes for pairs and trios.

Jennifer and Anita “Needy” – “Jennifer’s Body”

In addition to making for a great re-watch during the spooky season, “Jennifer’s Body,” which already maintains its status as an iconic 2000s teen fashion reference, makes for a fabulously Y2K-inspired costume. Throughout the movie, the titular character Jennifer famously wears outfits ranging from cropped pink sweaters and low-rise jeans to her iconic end-of-movie blood-soaked white dress. Similarly, Needy purposefully dresses less fashionably, but her half-up-half-down hairdo and spectacles would be unmistakable next to a well-executed Jennifer.

Chazz and Jimmy – “Blades of Glory”

Movies depicting performance art almost always include an extensive wardrobe, and “Blades of Glory” makes no opposition to this rule. The movie provides countless options for couples costumes, not limited to the movie’s main characters, but their figure skating rivals, the Van Waldenbergs, as well. While the movie offers plenty of skating outfits to choose from, Chazz and Jimmy’s signature colors — red and blue respectively — must be kept in mind for anyone looking to closely replicate the characters. Their most recognizable outfits, though, are the ones they wear in the final performance of the film: Chazz in his fiery red and Jimmy in his icy blue, complete with a peacock hand puppet.

Clover, Sam and Alex – “Totally Spies!”

Iconic in their own right for being some of the only cartoon characters who actually wear different outfits in each episode, the Spies’ wardrobe poses no shortage of colorful inspiration for costume ideas — and everyday outfits, for that matter. With choices ranging from the trio’s iconic spandex spy uniforms to any of their numerous school and undercover ensembles, the trio offers countless options to choose from.

Natalie, Dylan and Alex – “Charlie’s Angels (2000)”

While any of the three iterations of “Charlie’s Angels” would make for a great trio costume, perhaps the most popular remains McG’s interpretation from the turn of the century. The Angels always sport a sleek pitch black outfit, whether leather or spandex, with the occasional pop of color. Any group adorning these costumes would immediately turn heads — and maybe even intimidate other partygoers.

Ferris, Sloane and Cameron – “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

One of John Hughes’ several 80s films, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” follows Ferris, his girlfriend Sloane, and their friend Cameron as they ditch school and explore Chicago. Featuring consistent outfits throughout the movie, the trio’s design lends an easy and iconic nod to pop culture. While Ferris sports a sweater vest and leather jacket, Sloane rocks a white fringe jacket with high-waisted gray shorts, and Cameron wears a simple but striking Gordie Howe jersey with khakis. The lineup makes for a great group costume and an even greater photo op.