Warm up to The Daily Texan’s fall time feelings playlist

Aaron Boehmer, Senior Life and Arts Reporter

Scattered with fallen leaves, carved pumpkins and scented candles, the fall season settles in as chillier mornings and cooler afternoons arrive during the month of October. Welcoming in the sweater weather, The Daily Texan curated a playlist to perfectly accompany the fall-time feeling. 

“Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong 

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s instantly recognizable voices transport listeners to the city that never sleeps in a mesmerizing performance. From the duo’s rich vocals to the song’s soothing instrumentation, this jazz track’s textures and tones guarantee a dreamy season as leaves turn from green to golden.  

“A Long Walk” by Jill Scott

Slow down and take a stroll to this swinging midtempo love song. Featuring Jill Scott’s sultry voice, introspective lyrics and a mellow mood, this track flows like orange and yellow leaves falling in slow motion —- an all-around piece of poetry. 

“Coffee” by beabadoobee

Make a cup of coffee to this easy-to-enjoy acoustic ballad. beabadoobee stirs together just the right amount of sugar with her soft-spoken voice, a catchy melody and the light strum of a guitar in a satisfying tune. 

“Pumpkin” by The Regrettes

This pop-punk track blends angst and admiration in a fun and snappy song full of cutesy puns and references to pop culture love stories. From its upbeat drums to its carefree lyrics, The Regrettes call back to the early 2000s in a feeling best described as jumping headfirst into a huge pile of leaves. 

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood 

If the weather gets too cold, grab a cardigan and listen to this alt-pop track. An obligatory addition to any fall playlist, this song incorporates steady percussion, a memorable chorus and vocals as crisp as autumn leaves.