Indie-rock duo Wet Leg charms ACL audience


Peyton Sims

The band Wet Leg performs at Austin City Limits on Oct. 14, 2022.

Sage Dunlap, Life & Arts Associate Editor

Skipping onstage to the tune of the flute, frontwomen Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers of Wet Leg jump into their song “Being In Love,” sporting cat ears and deer antlers, respectively. They create a scene straight out of a storybook. 

Wet Leg’s ACL performance followed the release of their self-titled debut album earlier this year, which was shortlisted for a 2022 Mercury Prize. The British indie-rock duo, who gained popularity for their straightforward lyrics and dreamy rock sound, received a warm welcome from the audience of their ACL debut on Friday.

Singing from their microphone stands with sticker-adorned guitars in hand, the duo did not take themselves too seriously. The crowd played into the silliness of the set, with a group of fans referred to by lead vocalist Teasdale as “lobster ladies” waving comically large lobster gloves through the air — a reference to the band’s “Wet Dream” music video. 

Throughout the set, the pair interacted playfully with both the crowd and each other. At one point, Teasdale spotted a fan-made sign requesting Wet Leg to draw a tattoo design, a request that the pair obliged by sketching each other while Teasdale softly played her guitar. Even in the middle of songs, the band successfully riled up the crowd and requested audience participation, with Teasdale leading both the crowd and band to scream in unison during their performance of “Ur Mum” — a cathartic moment of connection between the band and their ACL crowd. 

Indie-rock sensation Wet Leg brought all their charming absurdity to the Zilker Park showcase. Their lush rock soundscapes felt effortless as ever Friday afternoon, with Teasdale and Chambers occasionally twirling while thrashing down on their guitars. Though fan favorites like “Oh No” and “Wet Dream” showcased the band’s fresh approach to rock, their endearing audience interactions ultimately helped them stick the landing as one of the standout acts of Weekend Two’s opening day.