The Daily Texan’s favorite releases of October 2022

Darren Puccala, General Life and Arts Reporter

With October coming to a close, music fans find themselves rearranging playlists and listening to standout tracks among the month’s collection of new releases. To wrap up the exciting music month, The Daily Texan compiled a list of the top albums that garnered significant praise among fans and critics. 

Blue Rev – Alvvays 

Molly Rankin, singer-songwriter of Canadian indie band Alvvays, cycled through her wide-spanning lexicon to come up with timeless lyrics that remain permanently synonymous with the band. After the 2017 release of Antisocialites, the Toronto-based group disappeared from the scene. To the surprise and excitement of their fans, the band returned with a new 38-minute project that picks up right where they left off, recapturing the magic that galvanized fans back with their first release in 2014, while also exceeding the heights of their first two projects. With projects shorter than typical full-length albums, Alvvays’ ability to balance swooning and dreamy pop tracks like “Easy On Your Own?” with faster, upbeat indie rock tracks such as “Pomeranian Spinster,” keeps listeners attentive and dancing from start to end. 

Fossora – Björk

Powerhouse singer and producer Björk Guðmundsdóttir — more commonly known by her artist name Björk — continues to produce experimental hits long after her 1993 album Debut. In her 10th studio album, Björk reimagines pain and sorrow through uplifting tracks that incorporate the singer’s signature ethereal voice and a frolicky flute. Two standout tracks include “Sorrowful Soil,” a song written before the passing of Björk’s mother incorporating harmonization and an icelandic choir as they pay tribute to the life cycle of a woman, and “Ancestress,” a track describing the natural process of death and attempts to delay the inevitable cycle with modern medicine. With a striking mix of deeply emotional tracks, Fossora insists on moving forward, marching onward with inspiring instrumentals as Björk begins anew. 

The Loneliest Time – Carly Rae Jepsen 

Nearly 10 years after the release of breakout hit “Call Me Maybe,” Carly Rae Jepsen returns with her newest album, displaying immense understanding of a successful pop song structure. From funk-infused tracks like “Shooting Star” which showcase Jepsen’s autotuned vocalization to pop ballads like “Western Wind,” which flourish with sporadic interjections of swooning guitar power cords over a continuous beat. Jepsen’s ability to vary her vocals makes this album a fun and surprising listen. In a heavy release month for pop, Jepsen proves she’s still on top, and those who dismissed her as a one-hit wonder may have done so all too soon. 

Amor Hardcore – Isabella Lovestory

Based in Montreal, Honduran electronic artist Isabella Lovestory released her debut album Amor Hardcore earlier this month. The 30-minute reggaetón project delves into Lovestory’s forward, sex-positive songwriting, turning up the energy with themes of excess and voyeurism. “Sexo Amor Dinero” showcases Lovestory at her peak with heavily percussive beats and her strong vocal emphasis as she declares several times: “A mí me gusta el amor hardcore.” Lovestory shines with other contributers, as seen in “Tacón” featuring Six Sex, OH!DULCEARi and Meth Math. The electronic pop track combines reggaetón backing with Lovestory’s hyperpop vocals, resulting in a standout addition to the album. The self-released debut ultimately cements the Honduran star as a big name for the Latin electronic music scene.