Gov. Greg Abbott wins third term

Ali Juell, Senior News Reporter

Gov. Greg Abbott won re-election in the 2022 gubernatorial race with an approximately 55% majority, earning a third term as Texas’s governor and defeating challenger Beto O’Rourke. 

Abbott celebrated his victory in McAllen alongside supporters.

We started this campaign in South Texas,” he said to the attending crowd following the announcement of his victory. “Tonight, we return to South Texas to celebrate re-election for four more years of conservative governance.”

A majority of Travis County — 73% — voted in favor of O’Rourke, according to The New York Times.

O’Rourke offered a concession speech in El Paso Tuesday night, thanking his family, staff and volunteers for their help throughout his campaign.

I don’t know what my role or yours will be going forward, but I’m in this fight for life,” O’Rourke said.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also won a third term in the lieutenant governor’s race with a 54% majority.

“Each time it becomes more obvious that voters are rejecting Democrats and their efforts to turn Texas into California with their ideologies,” Patrick said to ABC 8. Democratic candidate Mike Collier conceded the race, saying on Twitter, “It has been an honor to represent the Democratic party and work shoulder-to-shoulder with so many friends and neighbors to fight for a better Texas.”