‘Hellraiser’ brings triumphant return with first female Pinhead

Ryan Ranc , Life & Arts Film Columnist

After years of subpar sequels squandering “Hellraiser” fans’ hopes, director David Bruckner’s entrance into the franchise for its 11th installment breathes new life into a slowly dying franchise. 

Actress Jamie Clayton made history as the first woman to take on the role of Pinhead, the franchise’s main villain, for a feature-length “Hellraiser” film. Clayton gives it her all, crafting her own unique voice for the character while retaining some elements of prior Pinhead’s deep and ever-present seductive tone. 

The franchise’s most iconic elements seemed more developed than ever, including the Lament Configuration — the movie’s hell-raising puzzle, which returns with more threat and character than ever. “Hellraiser” 2022 will leave audiences hooked under the seductive spell of this nightmarish voyage of pain and pleasure.

4 Lament Configurations out of 5