Notes from the Opponent – Kansas

Christina Huang, Double Coverage Editor

In preparation for Texas football’s game against Kansas, The Daily Texan spoke to the University Daily Kansan co-sports editor Jordan Ziegler about what to expect on the field this Saturday in Lawrence.


The Daily Texan: What is the energy like in Lawrence right now? Is there a strong belief that Kansas can beat Texas for the second year in a row?

Jordan Ziegler: (Kansas) has always been able to give Texas a good fight and even upset them once in a while, like last year. Now that the team is bowl eligible and over .500, there’s a feeling that (Kansas) has a very good shot at this game. 


DT: Kansas was projected to finish last in the Big 12 Media Preseason Poll. Is the team’s success surprising to you?  

JZ: I would say the team being better than (it was) last year wasn’t surprising. It was clear that there are more pieces and they were going to be, at least, competitive in their games. But I think it still did come as a little bit of a shock, (finding) success as fast as (Kansas) did.


DT: Do you think last year’s win over Texas was a turning point for the Kansas program?

JZ: Yeah, definitely. I think it was Jalon Daniels’ coming out party as well. Because after that game, (Kansas) played TCU and West Virginia really close at the end of the year. Before Jalon Daniels got hurt, he was mildly in Heisman conversations. I think it was seeing that (Kansas) has a potential future quarterback that could help the team be competitive. 


DT: Speaking of Jalon Daniels, who do you expect to see at quarterback on Saturday?

JZ: I do know that Jalon Daniels was fully suited up for practices this week. Jason Bean has played really well and hasn’t done anything, in my opinion, to warrant sitting him just yet. So if I had to guess, Jason Bean would at least start the game. 


DT: What do you think is Kansas’ biggest strength on the field right now?

JZ: (Its) offense, but more specifically, the run game. Devin Neal has been a really solid (running) back, (he’s been) one of the better ones in the Big 12 all year. When Devin Neal has good games, the Jayhawks are pretty hard to beat. 

DT: What do you expect to happen in the game on Saturday?
JZ: I think it’s going to be a good crowd, and I think the game is going to be close. But it’s really a coin flip, in my opinion, to who wins this game. I think it comes down to the final possession, and whoever possesses the ball last is going to win.