Turkey and Tunes: The Daily Texan’s cooking playlist for Thanksgiving preparation

Reya Mosby,, Sage Dunlap, and Kaiya Little

As Thanksgiving approaches, Austinites scour the grocery store aisles, stocking their carts with a mountain of ingredients that will shortly transform into their holiday meal. However, chefs need one more crucial element to accompany them in the kitchen — the perfect playlist. 

With family members battling for dominance in the kitchen, ingredients going missing when needed the most and juggling what feels like a million dishes at the same time, a good cooking playlist helps relieve the tension. The Daily Texan compiled a mix of songs to accompany Thanksgiving cooks this holiday season. 

“Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae 

“Put Your Records On” provides the perfect mix of mellow, jazzy verses accompanied by catchy, hip-swinging choruses. Corinne Bailey Rae’s delicate, sultry vocals on the melody line shine over wispy harmonies, making for a stunningly hazy soundscape. The song masterfully conveys an air of contentment and bliss with its imagery-riddled lyricism and will provide the perfect tune to relax hectic chefs. 

“HEATED” by Beyoncé 

Beyoncé’s “HEATED” makes the perfect track for chefs looking to embrace the chaos and excitement of the kitchen. With boastful lyrics delivered by Beyoncé’s warm, sugar-coated vocals, the upbeat dancehall-inspired tune radiates confidence and self love, sure to leave the entire kitchen dancing.   

“Home Maker” by Sudan Archives 

Sudan Archives’ swinging, high-tempo album opener “Home Maker” will bring a tone of confidence to the kitchen — a must for any armchair chefs. The R&B singer stuns with a combination of seamless, rapid-fire flows and melodic backing vocals, begging listeners to savor moments of dancing as they make their way down the recipe.

“Résumé” by Jenevieve

“Résumé” will make listeners sway with its bouncy percussion, giving them the energy to power through any late-night meal prep. In addition to dreamy guitars and synths that match the chilly weather and quieter nights leading up to Thanksgiving, “Résumé” will keep chefs awake with a catchy chorus melody.

“When It Snows” by Sarah Kang, Sam Ock

Cooking doesn’t have to be stressful. This warm bossa nova track off of Kang’s latest EP Peppermint Tea envelops listeners with sweet, comforting instrumentals to ease them into the holiday spirit. Play “When It Snows” to bring a mellow cafe vibe tinged with fresh air into the kitchen.

“17” by Pink Sweat$

With his crooning vocals, Pink Sweat$ creates the feeling of swaying in an empty room to his romantic track about growing old. Accompanied by consistent and thrumming instrumentals, “17” plays like an ode to peaceful domesticity and comfort perfect for the holiday season. 

“free love” by HONNE

From the first notes, “free love” describes a fantasy life of picket fences and rolling hills with strong, yet playful beats. Just enough to give cooks a little pep in their step and swing in their hips, HONNE’s lyrics about a simple love-filled life will make for an easy listen while sifting through the kitchen craziness.

“The First Taste” by Fiona Apple

“The First Taste” is a fitting backdrop for any joyous taste test following hours of kitchen-counter labor. Cooks will find themselves floating from the kitchen to the dining room, energized by the track’s rhythmic groove. Simmering guitar lines and bouncy xylophone arrangements beautifully backdrop Apple’s sensual, rich lower register, resulting in a vibrant track to accompany a long-awaited first bite.