Movies to watch this Friday the 13th

Sage Dunlap and Ryan Ranc

While ghouls and evil spirits may rise to haunt the streets of Austin this upcoming Friday the 13th, many people might opt to enjoy the holiday with the comfort of a warm blanket and a bowl of popcorn. For those prepared to hide out from the nightmarish hijinks of the holiday, The Daily Texan compiled a list of the best movies to check out this Friday the 13th.

For those looking for a laugh: “One Cut of the Dead”

This movie-within-a-movie from director Shin’ichirou Ueda takes viewers on a shocking, unexpected and hilarious thrill ride. When a film crew working on a low-budget zombie movie finds themselves under attack by real zombies, nonstop chaos ensues as the cast and crew must fight off the undead. The fast-paced film will score a few laughs with its over-the-top physical humor and intentionally ridiculous practical effects. However, the less a viewer knows about the movie before watching the better, as an unexpected plot twist will leave viewers stunned. 

For those looking for a love story: “Bones and All”

Luca Guadagnino’s slow-burn cannibal romance follows Maren (Taylor Russell) and Lee (Timothée Chalamet) as they find companionship through a shared frustration with their cannibalistic urges. Both leading actors give powerful, heart-wrenching performances that allow viewers to connect with the characters on their journey to self-acceptance. The sizzling and all-consuming chemistry between the two characters makes this film the perfect romantic horror watch.

For those looking for a classic: The “Friday the 13th” franchise

The “Friday the 13th” franchise originated in 1980 following the success of John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” After a box office success with the first “Friday the 13th,” sequels were greenlit, resulting in one of the most popular horror franchises of all time with 13 movies to its name and countless merchandise. With a prequel show recently announced, it may finally be time for audiences to catch up on the ever-expanding lore of the Voorhees family. Each movie features its own flavor of ridiculousness, from putting Jason in space to dropping him in the Big Apple (for 30ish minutes). For viewers seeking fun horror, watch “Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives,” but for anyone looking for a more grounded ‘80s slasher experience, watch the insanely gory “Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter.”

For those looking for a psychological horror: “Black Swan”

Natalie Portman takes on the role of the Swan Queen in Darran Aronofsky’s “Black Swan,” a sinister spin on the “Swan Lake” ballet. The film follows ballerina Nina Sayers as her obsession for perfection causes her to unravel into insanity, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Complete with dizzying cinematography, surreal visual effects and a haunting orchestral score, Aronofsky delivers a stunning psychological horror masterpiece. 

For those looking for a slasher: The “Fear Street” Trilogy

This Netflix trilogy makes a perfect nighttime binge-watch. Based on books of the same name by R.L. Stine, the “Fear Street” movies follow a group of teenagers after a brutal mall murder causes them to uncover their cursed town’s centuries-old secrets. Portraying the town’s horrific past dating back to the era of the Salem witch trials, the three slashers make for an exciting watch full of mysteries, gore, romance and spooky fun.