NFL Draft predictions for Texas players

Evan Vieth, Senior Sports Reporter

Five Longhorns made the decision to declare for the NFL Draft. Though no Longhorns were drafted last year, Texas has many promising prospects in 2023, including a first-round pick for the first time since 2015. Though Bijan Robinson is the name every Texas fan should look out for on the first draft day, four other Longhorns could hear their names heard on the 2nd or 3rd days of the draft. Here are the Texan’s 2023 NFL Draft predictions:

Bijan Robinson: Late First Round

Robinson is one of the best running back prospects to hit the draft since Saquon Barkley entered the league in 2018. Though Barkley was taken in the first five picks, the current NFL landscape makes it unlikely for a running back to be taken within the top 15 picks. Robinson is probably a top-ten player in the current draft class, but he likely won’t be going off the draft board until the mid to late twenties. Robinson will likely be the first running back off the board, and though many teams would love to have an athlete like him on their team, running back is usually the last problem for teams picking inside the top 20.

Most likely outcomes: Tampa Bay at 19, Dallas at 25, Buffalo at 29

Keondre Coburn: Third Round 

Coburn is one of the most polarizing players in the draft for the Longhorns. The 340-pound interior lineman possesses surprising skills as a pass rusher and was influential in the run stuff in college. But, there could be concerns coming into the draft about his arm length and ability to produce against NFL-level talent, given his small stature. Coburn could be a Day Two pick in the NFL draft, or he could fall as low as the 5th round. 

Most likely outcomes: Steelers at 80, Bills at 93, Browns at 98

DeMarvion Overshown: Early Fourth Round

Overshown is a fan favorite for the Longhorns, and his play at linebacker in the past year was impressive. Overshown has the ability to play as a pass rusher and a run stuffer, which could be valuable to a team looking for depth at the position. Though he likely has around five off-ball linebackers ahead of him on most teams’ draft boards, he won’t last long in Day Three of the draft. 

Most likely outcomes: Bears at 103, Panthers at 113, Chargers at 126

Roschon Johnson: Fifth Round

Johnson has been a staple on the Longhorns ever since 2019. The dynamic rusher has strengths in the passing, rushing, pass blocking, and special teams game, which makes him valuable to many NFL teams. Though he may not be the best pure rusher in the class, Roschon will likely be the most valuable backup running back in the draft. Teams that need running back depth in an offseason that could benefit from Johnson’s abilities.

Most likely outcomes: Browns at 140, Giants at 157, Rams at 171

Moro Ojomo: Sixth-Seventh Rounds

Ojomo, who plays the same position as Coburn, offers a much different skill set than Coburn does. Ojomo is taller but 60 pounds lighter, making him a more valuable player in the 3-4 scheme many NFL teams run. The 3-4 scheme utilizes three defensive linemen instead of four but features larger, more run-stuffing-focused defensive ends like Ojomo. Ojomo could be a major steal for teams that see his ability to bully offensive guards in both the passing and rushing game. 

Most likely outcomes: Rams at 189, Bears at 219, Falcons at 225