Liveshot: Suki Waterhouse puts on dreamy performance at Emo’s

Trisha Dasgupta, Senior Life&Arts Reporter

Emo’s Austin became “The Coolest Place In The World” on Tuesday. On the latest stop of model-turned-alternative singer Suki Waterhouse’s North American tour, she lit up the Emo’s stage performing her debut album I Can’t Let Go and latest EP Milk Teeth. Reminiscent of artists like Lana Del Rey and Lorde, Waterhouse’s dreamy alt-pop performance kept fans cheering all night for her impassioned songs about love and heartbreak. 

Blue and purple light cascaded over an eager crowd as Waterhouse took the stage, opening with the punchy pop-rock track, “Bullshit on the Internet.” Despite singing about her experiences of being a famous model hounded by cameras and tabloids, Waterhouse managed to ground her performance with her endearing demeanor, often taking time in between songs to directly talk to specific fans in the audience. 

Mixing it up, Waterhouse played a rock version of her slow ballad “On Your Thumb,” a delightful surprise for fans. The singer pranced around the stage with the confidence of a seasoned pop star, despite being on her first headline tour with only one album under her belt. Following spirited performances of new releases such as “Neon Signs” and “Moves,” Waterhouse performed deep cuts recorded before she signed to a label, singing cult favorite “Coolest Place In The World.” 

Leaning into her notorious sad-girl aesthetic, Waterhouse playfully teased the audience, saying, “Of course, none of you have Valentine’s Day plans, you’re at a Suki Waterhouse concert.” Met by cheers from an enthusiastic audience, Waterhouse’s charming stage presence added to the vulnerability characterized by the confessional lyricism in her tracks. 

Waterhouse’s live rendition of her album’s third track, “Melrose Meltdown,” proved to be a standout. The singer’s powerful vocals matched with a brilliant performance from her band, who led an extended instrumental outro with lush guitar chords and stunning drums. Immediately following “Melrose Meltdown,” Waterhouse disappeared from the stage, but fans didn’t feel quite ready to head home. After exhilarated concertgoers beckoned the singer back onstage with lively chants, Waterhouse reappeared in a cloud of pink smoke, crooning the opening lyrics to “Good Looking,” her most popular track. 

The crowd sang along to the viral tune as Waterhouse proceeded to jump off the stage and next to the barricade, running alongside the audience. Pausing to take a selfie with an eager fan’s phone, Waterhouse’s palpable and infectious energy radiated joy from the stage. Ending the show with a contagious smile, Waterhouse’s “Coolest Place In The World” tour proved to be a magical experience for fans of the alt-pop singer.