The Daily Texan’s playlist to accompany Galentine’s Day celebrations

Stephanie Jumper, General Life & Arts Reporter

As stores line their windows with chocolate hearts and copious amounts of pink, Valentine’s Day can drain the joy of those spending it without a special someone. However, celebrating the day with close friends proves just as love-filled. The Daily Texan compiled a list of songs to ring in Galentine’s Day.

“Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago”

Recounting why the lethal ladies of the musical “Chicago” murdered their lovers, “Cell Block Tango” makes no attempts to pass the Bechdel test. However, its danceability makes up for its man-centric lyrics. Girl groups can transform into villainesses as they sing along to the movie over a shareable popcorn bowl.

“Two Doors Down” by Dolly Parton

Few singers brand themselves fearlessly feminine like Dolly Parton, so her country-pop bops set the perfect ambiance for a girl’s night. “Two Doors Down” details the musician weeping alone when she hears a party near her. She crashes the shindig, and a gleaming grin replaces any vestigial tears. Parton reminds women that monotonous nights can transform into the most memorable ones.

“Bite Me” by Avril Lavigne

Pop punker Avril Lavigne channels angst into art with “Bite Me,” shouting against blaring guitars about leaving an undeserving ex-boyfriend. Declarations like, “So come pick up your clothes from the front yard / Sprinklers on, burn the rest in the backyard” ooze an unhinged hatred of her situation that may resonate with many this month. During troubling times, scream along to Lavigne’s lyrics with a group of supportive friends to release any lingering Valentine’s resentment.

“Woman” by Kesha

No words encapsulate Galentine’s Day like, “I’m just here to have fun with my ladies tonight” in Kesha’s feel-good anthem “Woman.” Its simple and memorable chorus extends itself as an ideal song for large groups to belt out during their girls’ night escapades. Although college students may not relate to Kesha’s mention of buying multiple automobiles, they can embrace their womanhood while bouncing along to the song’s fast piano and free spirit.

“Hoedown Throwdown” by Miley Cyrus

Few artists instill nostalgia for Gen Z like Hannah Montana. Miley Stewart performs “Hoedown Throwdown” in “Hannah Montana: The Movie” as she coaches her hometown through the accompanying dance. Not only does Cyrus’ upbeat ballad conjure memories of that blonde wig gracing TV screens, but it also serves as a Galentine’s Day competition. Groups may learn the dance and determine who can “pop it, lock it, polka dot it” the best.

“Thank You For Being A Friend” by Andrew Gold, cover by Cynthia Fee

“The Golden Girls” theme song commemorates friends who still celebrate Galentine’s together when their hair grows gray and their joints ache too much for a night on the town. Girls may serenade their closest confidants with, “I’m not ashamed to say / I hope it always will stay this way” as they groove along to the tune’s simply sweet piano.

“I Am Woman” by Emmy Meli

TikTok scrollers may recognize bits of the soft rock chorus in “I Am Woman,” but Meli packs her song with affirmations the 15-second platform fails to acknowledge. Remind friends through rap-singing reggae that they resemble “cherry, lemon (and) the sweetest key lime pie” as the musician relays creative affirmations for any woman needing a confidence boost.