Your Safe Ride to Austin FC Games and More

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With the kickoff of the new Austin FC season on February 25 and the start of South By Southwest (SXSW) educational events March 6, excitement is stirring in our city and on campus. Due to limited parking options at the Q2 stadium and around Austin, CapMetro has never been more appealing. Consider taking the train, bus or MetroBike to your next event.

When taking the train or bus, you won’t have to be responsible for choosing a designated driver, cramming your whole crew into a car or finding parking. We highly encourage you to take transit in groups, especially at night. Be aware of your surroundings while on transit. If you see any suspicious behavior or packages, please report it to the operator or use the See Say feature in the CapMetro App or using this webform.

With reliable service to the Q2 Stadium, there isn’t a better time than now to utilize CapMetro Rail. We have a few Rail safety tips we’d like you to keep in mind when you’re out and about this Spring:

  1. When you’re on the platform, stay behind the safety stripe. This ensures you’re at a safe distance away from the train as it approaches and departs.
  2. While on the platform it’s important that you remain alert. This means headphones off and devices down.
  3. Never cross the tracks when the gates are lowered and you see flashing red lights. A train could be coming from either direction.
  4. Always look both ways before crossing the tracks. Trains can come from either direction.
  5. If an emergency occurs on the station platform, use the white emergency phone. It provides the station location and directly links to emergency services.
  6. Trains are much wider than the tracks. Remember to always keep a safe distance.
  7. For your safety and that of fellow passengers, please do not ride bicycles, skateboards, scooters or similar mobility devices on the station platform.
  8. Never place any objects like rocks or coins on the tracks. Doing so puts you and others at risk.
  9. Not only is trespassing on railroad tracks illegal, it’s also incredibly dangerous. Stay off the tracks.
  10. If you need to move around the train cabin, wait until the train has come to a complete stop and use the handrails or the handles on the seats to move safely.
  11. In case of an emergency, always be aware of your nearest emergency exit when riding Rail.
  12. It can take up to one mile for a train to stop with an emergency brake application. Remember to stay off the tracks.

Or maybe you just want to enjoy some fresh spring air and get some exercise off-campus? If you’re a MetroBike member, you already know that we have over 75 bike stations all over central Austin and UT students only pay $12 for a year of unlimited rides. Remember to plan your route around bike lanes when you can, wear a reflective vest when biking at night and look out for vehicles and pedestrians.

As you can see, many students will be taking all forms of transit to get around campus or just explore Austin. Although CapMetro is excited to provide you transportation to class and nights out, your safety is our top priority. Stay vigilant and help us get you there, safely.
Wait until the time is ripe! Use the crosswalk!

Before you split … Don't cross in front of the bus!