SXSW Live Shot: Annabelle Chairlegs performs energy-filled set at Hotel Vegas

Prisha Mehta, General Life & Arts Reporter

The audience roared as Annabelle Chairlegs’ lead vocalist ran onstage with her red and white electric guitar. 

“We’re Annabelle Chairlegs, and we’re so excited to be here,” Lindsey Mackin said with effortless suaveness as she took center stage. 

The Austin-based rock band welcomed a packed audience on the Hotel Vegas Patio for a fiery ten-song set Thursday night.

Throughout the evening, Mackin’s powerful live vocals thundered across the venue to the backdrop of Nick Cornetti’s punchy drums and Nunez Strahan’s groovy baseline. Filled with raw energy and grit, the trio pumped adrenaline into the atmosphere, oscillating between unreleased, old and brand-new tracks. 

Annabelle Chairlegs opened with “Cherry,” an unreleased track featuring their signature feisty and gritty sound. A steady bass and pulsating drums kicked off the night as the trio’s shadows danced over the colorful projector screen behind them. 

Mackin’s vocals transitioned from loud and spunky to smooth and dreamy as the three-piece eased into their 2015 track “Watermelon Summer.” Mackin’s reverb-filled vocals floated over slow electric guitar strums and soft drums. Continuing their dreamier sound, the band played their latest release, “Tolls (To See Me).” Mackin showcased her impressive vocal versatility as she glided over atmospheric electric guitar tones.  

The group gradually built up the energy again as they played a slew of more unreleased songs complete with passionate vocals, glitzy electric guitar and pounding percussion in “Sword Swallower,” “Couch Potato” and “Concrete Trees,” respectively. 

The trio took a pause before “Brain Freeze,” their final track of the night. The audience waited in anticipation as Mackin adjusted the knobs on her electric guitar amp, filling the room with tension and excitement. Looking out into the crowd with a smile on her face, the vocalist repositioned herself on center stage. The trio locked eyes as Mackin counted to three. Moments later, the band erupted into a symphony of pounding drums and gritty electric guitar sounds, enticing everyone in the audience to jump to the beat.