Director Molly McGlynn discusses personal narratives and the upcoming traumedy ‘Bloody Hell’

Ryan Ranc, Senior Life & Arts Reporter

Ahead of Monday night’s world premiere of upcoming traumedy “Bloody Hell,” The Daily Texan spoke with director Molly McGlynn and lead actress Maddie Ziegler. The semi-biographical picture — drawing from McGlynn’s real experiences — follows 16-year-old Lindy (Ziegler) after being unexpectedly diagnosed with a reproductive condition called MRKH syndrome.

The Daily Texan: What was it like wearing both hats of writer and director on this project, especially with such a personal narrative?

Molly McGlynn: It’s really a dream. It’s based on my life, so I definitely had the whole vision in mind, but at the same time it is fiction. When you bring on a cast, they also make it their own as well. When you’re shooting it, you sort of see it evolve from what was in your head into something different and totally beautiful. I really think that filmmaking is a community and team effort. I brought the idea, but it’s evolved into what it is (now), which is an act of love. 

DT: In comparison to your prior roles, how would you say this role differs?

Maddie Ziegler: This role is extremely personal not just to me, but to Molly, and I want us to do her justice. There was a lot of prep that went into it. I’m so lucky I had Molly to lean on, and it was really a trusting bond we had. From there, we just flew together. 

DT: What advice would you give to people who want to write and direct their own personal stories? 

Molly McGlynn: In terms of writing and directing your own stories, there is so much content out there. The most valuable thing you can do is develop your experience and your point of view. You can’t learn that on YouTube or in film school. I always tell people, live a life. Get a job in a bar, volunteer — have a lived experience so that you have a point of view. That is the most important thing you can have.