Gather your friends for the ultimate game night — host a mystery party with Hunt A Killer


Have you ever watched a true crime show and thought to yourself, “I could have solved that case faster than they did!” Well, now’s your chance to prove it. Hunt A Killer, the makers of the popular murder mystery games, allow you to put your detective skills to the test and can help you and your friends create the ultimate mystery party.

This week, Hunt A Killer is hosting a “Murder Mystery Party Week,” offering sales and fun promotions available on the website at

How do the games work? With each Hunt A Killer game, players are immersed into the storyline, becoming the detectives using realistic clues, police reports, and puzzles provided in each box to crack the case. With over 30 experiences on the website, there are plenty of challenging cases to choose from, including mysteries to solve at a boardwalk, at a dive bar, at a winery, or even at a summer camp. There are also games created in partnership with well-known properties, allowing players to solve a case with Nancy Drew in the game titled, Mystery At Magnolia Gardens, a case set within the world of the famous Agatha Christie with The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge, or players can dive into the horror-themed episodic game, Blair Witch. With each case, it’s up to the players to figure out the suspect’s means, motives, and opportunities and find the thread that ties the case together.

Whether it’s an afternoon off from class or a Friday night hanging out with friends, transform group gatherings into an engaging escape room-like experience. Hunt A Killer offers games that can be solved in one night with the premium boxes and small cases, or players can host ongoing game nights with the episodic games. There are cases for all levels of sleuths and for varying budgets, with experiences starting at around $30.

To make the most out of your Murder Mystery Party Week experience, Hunt A Killer has provided the following game night ideas and tips:

  • Hungry for clues and snacks – solve the mystery of your empty stomach by providing your friends with some delicious food to pair with your favorite mystery game. Grab some “blood splattered” or berry-filled donuts and solve the mysterious death of the co-owner of the Do Not Not Donut shop with Hunt A Killer’s immersive mystery jigsaw game, Whodonut?, or create the ultimate carnival-themed spread and play through Body On The Boardwalk. Pair your favorite food with some fun themed mocktails and dive into mysteries like Death At The Dive Bar or Dead On The Vine.
  • Get your costumes and clues ready – make your event a costume-themed gathering and channel Nancy Drew herself to play Mystery At Magnolia Gardens, or dress up like your favorite comic book character and dive into Supernova, Hunt A Killer’s comic-themed premium game. You can also dial up the 1930s glam and begin playing the multi-episode box set, Curtain Call, or with 90s fashion coming back in style, try solving a mystery at a reunion with Class of ‘98.

 To get your party started visit and choose a mystery for you and your friends to solve.