Q&A: Zachary Levi discusses the return to Shazam! in new sequel ‘Fury of the Gods’

Ryan Ranc, Senior Film Columnist

With the recent release of “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” The Daily Texan had the opportunity to attend a round table and ask Zachary Levi about his role as Shazam! “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” follows Billy Batson (Asher Angel and Zachary Levi) and friends as they balance their teen years with their adult superhero alter egos all while taking down a trio of gods who have come to earth.

The Daily Texan: Since this is a sequel, would you say it was more difficult to get into character this time around, or did you find it easier, especially in having to craft a new version of Billy or Shazam! because of the age jump?

Zachary Levi: I would probably say “la misma” as it felt pretty even both ways. I wish I could say that I had to work really hard to tap into being an immature version of myself, but I didn’t really have to do that much work because I have always been a man-child on some level. There’s always been a Peter Pan (in) me that doesn’t want to grow up. In fairness, it’s been very beneficial because as an actor so much of what we’re trying to do is pretend — we’re playing make-believe on a regular basis. Unfortunately, as adults, the older we get, the more we let go of that ability. We let go of that thing that we do so naturally when we’re little kids. We dream up and build up entire universes, and they’re so real to us. (As we age, we become) jaded and cynical, and we see the reality of the world. In some ways, you need that because the world is a pretty gnarly place and you need to recognize the reality of it and the harshness of certain realities; let it mature you but not harden you or make you lose your sense of wonder. I try to hold on to all of those things and love having fun. That’s what I go to. Then, it’s really per project. He’s 14 (in the first one) and he’s 17 (in this one) — what are some adjustments, albeit even micro sometimes, that will differentiate the two?