Texas guard Marcus Carr is taking on a new challenge: fatherhood

Christina Huang, Sports Editor

When he’s not commanding the floor for Texas men’s basketball, Marcus Carr takes on a much different role at home — a father. 

And the skills the Toronto-born guard has learned through basketball have somewhat translated over to his parenting. 

“Being a point guard and just trying to be even-keeled and having patience and stuff like that — little things like that definitely carry over,” Carr said. 

Carr is the father of Kyrie, his 15-month-old daughter. While she has the same first name as NBA star Kyrie Irving, Carr doesn’t directly attribute his child’s name to the eight-time NBA All-Star.

“I mean Kyrie Irving is my favorite basketball player right now,” he said when asked if his daughter was named after anyone in particular. “So most people think so, but me and her mom really just agreed on a name. We both like the name.” 

As Texas enters their first Sweet Sixteen in 15 years, Carr is balancing his roles as the Longhorns’ starting point guard and the father of a young child. 

“It’s definitely been an adjustment,” Carr said. “But honestly, her mom and her entire family, they’ve been super supportive of me (and) they understand what I’m going through. They understand the sacrifices I have to make.” 

A standard college basketball schedule can be tough on any player, even more so on a young father. With stretches on the road, Carr is usually not at home as much as he’d like to be. He also lives with fellow Texas players Timmy Allen and Christian Bishop during the season. 

“I’m not always there as much as I would want to be (or) as much as I should be,” Carr told CBS Sports’ March Madness Confidential. 

His sacrifices have paid off so far. Carr is currently averaging 15.8 points, three rebounds and four assists for the Longhorns. Even on nights when he’s not scoring on par with his averages, he always finds a way to impact the game. Carr was held to 10 points in Saturday’s win over Penn State, but he still managed to grab three rebounds and a steal.

Young Kyrie was even there to see her father’s victories in Des Moines. According to Carr himself, she’s been to more than 15 of his games at Texas. And she seems pretty comfortable in those loud environments. 

“(If) she’s tired enough, (then) she’ll go to sleep when it’s game time,” Carr said. “She’s not too worried about the noise.” 

In a way, basketball and parenting overlap quite a bit for the new father. Kyrie seems to have taken a liking to the sport, just like her father did some years ago.

“She’s a little hooper,” Carr said with a smile. “She runs around and plays basketball at home on her little Fisher Price and stuff like that. She likes basketball. She’s always watching so it’s super cool to have her around and (to) have her at the games.”

While Texas’ trek for a national title will come to an end within the next few weeks, Carr’s journey as Kyrie’s father is just beginning.