Letter from the Editors: Texas Cowboys ad

Dear readers,

Page eight of the Texan’s March 24 issue features a Texas Cowboys recruitment ad. While it was originally planned to run in Tuesday’s paper, we — The Daily Texan’s editors — objected. In an ad review committee meeting with Texas Student Media, which oversees the Texan’s operations, we discussed whether to run the ad. The majority of the committee expressed support for running the ad, despite strong objections voiced by the Texan’s editor-in-chief and managing editor. While TSM followed official protocol for ad review, we disagree with their decision.

In 2019, the Texas Cowboys were removed from campus after an investigation, initiated by the death of member Nicholas “Nicky” Cumberland, found evidence of hazing. This was the second time the spirit organization was suspended for hazing. They were first suspended in 1995 after the death of pledge Gabe Higgins. 

We believe publishing the ad could be viewed as implicit endorsement of Texas Cowboys and bring our objectivity into question, regardless of any disclaimers by TSM. We also believe it is unethical to publish the ad, given the spirit organization’s past and the harm they have perpetuated to both individual members and the UT community as a whole.

This letter was written by editor-in-chief Megan Tran, managing editor Mantra Dave, Diversity and Inclusion director Breigh Plat and programs director Shezan Samanani.