Make the whole place shimmer: Outfits to wear for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Anai Jaime, General Life&Arts Reporter

With all the buzz for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and her six sold out shows in Texas, fans may struggle to find the perfect outfit to embody the right vibe for the night, especially with Swift singing songs from each album in her discography. The Daily Texan curated a variety of outfit ideas and inspirations by each album to choose from. 


“Vigilante Shit” radiates a dark aura, edge and pure confidence. Try on a black faux leather skirt and corset top with matching black boots — topped with a “cat eye sharp enough to kill a man,” a red lip and slicked back hair to radiate the same energy. “Lavender Haze” takes a softer approach and matches silk lavender dresses and an ombre, glittery purple eyeshadow look.


Don’t wreck any plans and dress as evermore’s first track “Willow,” with a flannel and a braid like Swift on the album cover. “Champagne Problems” will leave everyone speechless with a champagne colored satin dress. Don’t forget to say howdy with red boots, denim shorts, a warm-color flannel and cowboy hat to represent “cowboy like me.”


Melancholy and wistful vibes emanate from this album which calls for long, flowy dresses with ruched busts and puffed sleeves in neutral tones with loose, wavy hairdos. Don’t forget a “cardigan” under someone’s bed and put it on top of any dresses with a “tattoo kiss” on any visible skin. Floral and dark greens also suit the album’s cottagecore feel. “mirrorball” can lend itself to a unique twist on the album’s neutral aesthetics, presenting the opportunity for a flashy, silver sequined dress or crop top and skirt decorated with rhinestone tassel drop earrings.


Do not calm down and go crazy with light, vibrant colors such as sky blue, cotton candy pink and bright lilac. “Lover” requires hearts drawn on the face with eyeshadows, bold eyeliner pencils or gemstones. Ruffled dresses, rose-colored blushes and fringes will fit the dancing and twirling under the “Afterglow.” Body shimmer can sparkle and give a god-like aura. Crafted “Paper Rings” will hands down be the best jewelry to add to final looks.


This album screams Swift’s most defiant era: bold deep reds, sparkly black pieces decorated by snake-detailed jewelry and black lipstick. “Delicate” expresses a more dainty side of Swift which can translate into a teal blue dress to mirror the music video — just make sure to wear shoes this time.


This album consists of some of Swift’s most iconic songs such as “Blank Space,” “Style,” “Shake it Off,” “Bad Blood” and “Wildest Dreams”. 1989 offers the most wardrobe variety, from big sunglasses and denim shorts, to tight skirts and red lips, to even cheerleader uniforms and hair bows. 


This album’s “Taylor’s Version” revival welcomes neutral tones with splashes of red. The original time of the era, however, embraces striped shirts, big red heart sunglasses, fedoras and high-waisted shorts and skirts.

Speak Now

Enchant everyone in the stadium with a chiffon dress and other prom-inspired looks. This album demands violets and reds.


This album consists of songs such as “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” that really shot Swift into popularity. For many, her original signature look originates here with cowboy boots, gold, fringed knee-length dresses and curly hair.