What makes Goode so good? Freshman Leighann Goode’s impressive addition to Texas softball


Katie Borchetta, General Sports Reporter

Freshman shortstop and second baseman Leighann Goode has had a strong start to the season, and along with other transfers and freshmen, has helped lead Texas softball to its impressive 30–5–1 record.

“We have really good chemistry,” Goode said. “We put in a lot of work at practice and (are) very intentful and we trust the process and just listen to the coaches on our plans and not to get outside of our plans.”

Goode started the 2023 season with a 10-game hitting streak, alongside freshman Viviana Martinez. Goode has 15 games with at least two hits on the season.

Before reaching the Forty Acres, Goode attended Sandra Day O’Connor High School, where she finished with a .482 batting average, 126 runs scored, 20 home runs and 97 RBIs. Goode placed No. 17 in the nation overall and No. 3 among infielders in Extra Inning Softball rankings.

Goode helped her 2022 high school team win a Texas state championship in class 6A and was named first-team All American.

Goode felt a major jump from her high school team to Division I collegiate softball, but with her parents being big Texas fans, she always felt that she belonged here.

For me, it was a big change, going away from home. But after we got into softball work and just working with the field, I knew this was my home,” Goode said. “So getting into softball, it helped me a lot. So, I love it here.”

Megan Low, Goode’s high school coach, gave her advice prior to making that leap.

“It seems simple but (Low) always told me just to play like I do,” Goode said. “So she always told me like, there’s a bunch of fans in the crowd that didn’t like UT so they would always be in the crowd … and she would just (say) go out there and play like you don’t listen to them.”

Shannon Goode, Leighann’s mother, is also a big supporter and contributor to Leighann’s success in the season so far. Shannon sends Leighann the same text before every game.

“(It’s) a long paragraph of the same motivational stuff that she gives me,” Goode said. “I read it before each game and then pray about it on the line before.”

Alongside the support from her coaches and family, Goode is known to put in a lot of hard work on and off the field. Associate head coach Steve Singleton believes that she plays smart when at bat. 

“She’s smart,” Singleton said. “She’s got a high softball IQ, so she understands what we’re talking about on the field or with her swing or mechanics, and she works hard.”

While she’s experienced a lot of early success, Goode has a long way to go to help Texas excel this season especially with her batting skills. Goode explained that when she’s at bat she only hits “her” pitches.

“(I have) to trust my plan to hit my pitch and not the pitcher’s pitch,” Goode said. “If I know what they’re good at, I try not to swing at what they are good at, but what I’m good at.”

Goode believes that while she works hard to be a strong player and hitter, the team dynamic is a prominent factor in their season so far.