Senior diver Janie Boyle makes impact in pool, classroom as woman in STEM

Rylan Heritage, General Sports Reporter

When she’s not perfecting her dives at the pool, senior diver Janie Boyle can probably be found studying biochemical reactions. Boyle, a biochemistry major and pre-med student, is also one of Texas’ top divers. Biochemistry is a rigorous major, but it has not stopped her from succeeding academically and athletically. The 2023 Big 12 platform dive champion holds a 3.90 cumulative GPA. 

“Majoring in biochemistry has been very difficult but I have enjoyed every second of it,” Boyle said. “I love a good challenge.”

In addition to being a two-time All-American in platform diving, Boyle is excelling in the classroom. Boyle received the CSCAA Scholar All-American first-team award three different times, also adding two academic All-Big 12 First Team honors and six Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll awards to her academic prestige.

This success in the classroom has helped Boyle ‘break the mold’ for women and athletes alike. According to the Division I Diploma Dashboard, 16% of Division I athletes major in STEM whereas 27% of the student body majors in STEM. Although the numbers are rising for women in STEM, women still face the stereotypes that were set decades ago. 

“Sometimes it is difficult to be in a major like mine because women and athletes are not as prevalent and you might get people who might not see you as an equal or as intelligent as they are,” Boyle said. “I very quickly proved that I should be treated as an equal.”

 Boyle has also used her classwork to aid her athletic performance. 

“The coolest thing for me is just being able to dig into the science of diving, nutrition and performance,” Boyle said. “It has been very helpful to learn about what food is good for me, what kind of rest I need and what kind of water intake I need to be able to keep up with my performance.”

On top of both academics and competition, Boyle is also a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of two representatives from each of Texas’ Division I teams. Members discuss ideas about how to improve Texas athletics and the university at large. 

“We discuss how athletes can get involved on campus and in the community,” Boyle said. “Through this, we have a (Developing Neighborhood Athletes) fund that raises money to donate sporting goods to underprivileged kids throughout the schools within the city of Austin.” 

Boyles’ contribution and leadership in her four years at Texas extends well beyond the diving board. Her competitive and fun attitude will be missed by many, including her coach, Carol Capitani.

“I’m going to miss her,” Capitani said. “She is an incredible competitor and she always kept things fun.”

Boyle plans on transferring from Texas to pursue other academic opportunities. However, she credits Capitani for being helpful and supportive in this process. 

“I don’t know where I will be going next year but Carol (Capitani) has been super supportive and helpful in this process,” Boyle said. “I am super thankful for my time here at Texas but excited to see what next year has in store for me.”