Texas softball drops Big 12 championship after loss to Oklahoma

Katie Borchetta, General Sports Reporter

No. 7 Texas softball fell to No. 1 Oklahoma in the final round of the Phillips 66 Big 12 Softball Championship in a 6-1 upset this weekend, allowing the Sooners to continue their 43-game winning streak.

Oklahoma swept Texas in a three-game series earlier in the season, with one game in Oklahoma City and two in Norman.

The Sooners started off the scoring in the second inning with a home run. However, freshman shortstop and second baseman Viviana Martinez replied to their early lead with a far homerun of her own to right field in the top of the fourth, tying the score 1-1 and giving Martinez her fifth homerun as a freshman.

Oklahoma did not allow Texas to stay in their game. In the bottom of the fourth, Oklahoma had three runs, putting their lead at 4-1.

The Sooners were able to score two more runs in the bottom of the sixth. On top of Oklahoma’s impressive offense, they were able to shut down Texas from scoring.

Junior Nicole May and sophomore Jordy Bahl both pitched for Oklahoma and had a combined ERA of 0.9 and only gave up five hits in comparison to Texas’ seven.

Freshman Citlaly Gutierrez pitched the first three innings for Texas until Estelle Czech was called in to replace her. They had an average ERA of 2.31 with 107 pitches thrown.

Besides Martinez’ impressive homerun, junior outfielder Bella Dayton and sophomore infielder Mia Scott both had one hit and redshirt freshman outfielder Ashton Moleney had two by the end of the matchup.

When comparing the performances of the teams, Texas held a good fight statistically. All of Texas’s numbers such as strike percentage, put outs, fly balls and overall hitting percentage were relatively close with Oklahoma always having a slight advantage.

However, a major factor of the game seemed to be their intensity from the dugout. There was never a silent moment for the Sooners. They were consistently cheering and getting the crowd on their feet, which seemed to create a difficult atmosphere for Texas to succeed in.

Coming out of the tough loss, Texas will now prepare for the NCAA regionals, with the schedule yet to be announced.