The Daily Texan’s playlist for any poolside occasion

Sage Dunlap, Life&Arts Editor

With summer in full swing, Austin residents can escape the sweltering Texas heat with a swim. Whether you’re braving the chill of Barton Springs or taking a dip in Deep Eddy Pool, The Daily Texan compiled a playlist perfect for any poolside event.

“Seaforth” by King Krule

As nostalgia and romance trickle through muted vocal deliveries, London-born Archy Marshall faces the longing for unrequited love from the shore, ready to set sea with “fire in his heart.” Blithe guitar melodies and sounds of distant seagulls float atop a sunken bassline to send the 28-year-old adrift.

“Sorbet” by Kelela

R&B songstress Kelela Mizanekristos settles into this impassioned, searing track with visions of rippling waves, hands on skin and a rush that “never ends.” Oscillating synths and drowned percussion propel the singer’s mesmerizing soprano vocals to the focal point of a carefully sculpted musical arrangement.

“Welcome to My Island” by Caroline Polachek

In the third single ahead of her sophomore album released earlier this year, Polachek invites listeners to her exclusive isle — an alluring pocket of the pop darling’s psyche, swirling with catchy hooks, ‘80s-inspired synths and siren-esque belting.

“Blue” by Kali Uchis 

Despite her feelings of heartbreak, Uchis can’t help but exude a tantalizing romantic aura on this jazz-pop confessional. Uchis lingers on each honeyed note, keeping a simmering pace alongside brisk, light drums and a sensual saxophone.

“Life Could Be Sweet” by Ayla D’Lyla and Miss Madeline

Evoking early-aughts glamor, the pair of synthpop princesses prophesize a sugar-coated life of bikinis, martinis and candy-colored skies. The radiant duo flaunt femininity and fantasy, manifesting their wildest dreams over a minimal, catchy club beat. 

“SITUATION” by Rochelle Jordan

Jordan’s exasperated vocals and hushed croons bring a glimmering warmth to the mechanical production of “SITUATION.” The Canadian R&B artist leans into a dynamic glitch-pop sound as she divulges feelings of doubt in a relationship.

“Is It Cold In The Water?” by SOPHIE

Experimental pop producer and vocalist Sophie Xeon dives into a twisted pool where she freezes and burns, swims and evaporates and ultimately faces the dreaded emotion of uncertainty. In a display of vulnerability, Xeon surges above the track’s noisy production, free-flowing between trembling chants and ethereal belts. 

“Fishbowl” by Kero Kero Bonito

Ever-sunny pop trio Kero Kero Bonito serves up a hyper-saccharine summer tune chronicling a conversation with a fish. The British group swims seamlessly between bouncy, J-pop-inspired verses to dreamy, shoegaze choruses.