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October 4, 2022

The Daily Texan’s playlist for ‘Barbie’, ‘Oppenheimer’ double feature

Emma George

More than 40,000 tickets have already been purchased for the highly anticipated July 21 release day of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.” With the double feature approaching, The Daily Texan made a versatile playlist with songs that perfectly accompany each film.

The “Barbie” Playlist

“Motivation” by Normani 

Barbie’s dance parties could use some Normani; the former Fifth Harmony singer serves glamorous dance pop with “Motivation,” a shimmering single that will lift anyone to their feet. Radiant and upbeat, Normani’s glossy pop screams all things Barbie. 

“Lucky” by Britney Spears 

A classic from the 2000s pop princess, Britney Spears’ electric single “Lucky” emulates Barbie’s saccharine facade. With a deceivingly upbeat production that hides Spears’ true woes, Barbie might find herself relating to Spear’ insecurities that come with being idealized. 

“So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” by Caroline Polachek

On “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” Caroline Polachek croons about feelings of frustration, pining for a lover’s attention over slick synthesizer beats. Listeners can almost picture Ken wandering around and humming Polachek’s syncopated chorus, hoping Barbie spares him some attention. 

“Every Day’s a Lesson in Humility” by Suki Waterhouse ft. Belle and Sebastian 

Tired of being put on a pedestal and facing a coming of age, Suki Waterhouse’s latest single, a collaboration with Belle and Sebastian, showcases tumultuous feelings of growing up in the spotlight. Waterhouse’s ever-cool voice pairs well with the whimsical production of Belle and Sebastian, with a sound inspired by late ‘60s rock and roll a la The Velvet Underground. 

“Catch Me in the Air” by Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama’s pop prowess shines brightly on “Catch Me In The Air” — her clear-toned vocals pair perfectly with the pulsing, exhilarating build-up throughout the song. With a beautifully crafted narrative about growing up and finding one’s place in the world, Sawayama’s song will be sure to resonate with audiences. 

The “Oppenheimer” Playlist 

“Epiphany” by Taylor Swift

Haunting and pensive, Taylor Swift sings about war, death, sickness and responsibility on “Epiphany.” Produced by Aaron Dessner, with despair echoing across deep organ and trumpets, this folklore track ponders questions asked during wartime. 

“Wash” by Bon Iver

With the opening piano notes of “Wash,” Bon Iver creates a sound so full of melancholy the pain of the song never dulls, echoing in the background like a heartbeat. Coupled with Justin Vernon’s deep baritone, this beautiful and transcendental track wallows in its own devastation, only taking a few breaths of hope in the closing verse. 

“Desolation Row” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s famous raspy voice sets the scene in a forlorn town in the mid-1960s, plagued by corruption and greed. With classic Dylan guitar, this 11-minute folk closer from Highway 61 Revisited stands as a quintessential look into American politics. 

“American Spirits” by Drumming Bird 

Riddled with disillusion and a faltering belief in the facade of the American Dream, Drumming Bird’s “American Spirits” emulates the sentiments and sound of old folk and country, with soft guitar and light percussion that lets the lyrics shine through. Drumming Bird’s dynamic indie folk will delight fans of classic American songwriters like John Denver and Bob Dylan. 

“In the Woods Somewhere” by Hozier 

Hozier’s near-Shakespearean lyricism and mystical production display his masterful craftsmanship on “In the Woods Somewhere,” a folkloric tale about loss and grief. The singer-songwriter’s powerful voice and esoteric instrumentals construct a beautiful and vibrant soundscape.

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