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October 4, 2022

Associate social media editor finally logs off of all Daily Texan accounts

Alex Luevano

WOW! My first byline. 

Although this is the first time many of you are seeing my name, this isn’t an introduction but a goodbye. For the past two years of my life, I’ve been working behind the scenes on all the social media accounts.

Write, post, edit, repeat. 

That was the constant cycle of my mornings, which surprisingly wasn’t that easy. But what always got me through it was the p-staff Slack channel, where we collectively shared our stress and doubts about flipbook days, double coverage and who would write sports copy. 

My time at the Texan was more than just those four words; my time here was more than rewarding. Without the Texan, I would have never known what I wanted to do with my degree. I learned the ups and downs of running social media accounts, the importance of engaging with your audience and how to write copy to fit Twitter’s horrible 250 characters. 

What made this experience most memorable was the people I met along the way.

To Bernice: I will forever be grateful to you for accepting my very bad tryout and allowing me to be part of one of the best departments at the Texan.

To Sarah: I would not know half of what I know today without you. Not only were you an amazing editor, but you were also an amazing person. This department would have never run so smoothly without your guidance and kind words of encouragement every morning.

To Chloe: My partner in crime. The person who started at the Texan with me and was always right by my side. I will truly miss working alongside you and figuring out how to run this show with you. I could not have chosen a better person to work with. But don’t worry, this department will do great under your hands.

To Trinity and Annabelle: You both are truly some of the nicest people I have ever met, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things you will do in this department.

I can proudly say that I have seen the department grow and grow each year into something amazing, not to say that this wasn’t without any errors. I am still truly sorry for accidentally liking all those shirtless Harry Styles photos through the Texan Twitter and not my personal account. But if you saw them and liked them, you’re welcome.

I would not be who I am today or have received such amazing opportunities without my time in the social department. As I prepare for my last year of college, I will always look back to my time here with total love in my heart. I know I have left my mark here — literally with all the memes — but now it is time for me to log off and begin the next chapter of my life. And who knows, maybe I’ll finally learn how to write sports copy.

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About the Contributor
Alex Luevano, Associate Photo Editor
Alex is a four year RTF major from San Antonio, TX. He is currently an Associate Photo Editor at the Texan.