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October 4, 2022

West Campus bar Victory Lap working to comply with city requirements following noise complaints from 2400 Nueces residents

Manoo Sirivelu
Fans wait in line to enter Victory Lap bar on September 16, 2023.

After living at 2400 Nueces for two years, Anika Grendell grew used to gameday cheers or weekend music, but never expected the consistent noise this semester from the new bar Victory Lap across the street.

“I can even hear it in my room with the windows closed,” public relations senior Grendell said. “It started in the morning, and going into the evening I was a little bit concerned with not just the level of noise, but the length at which it was persisting.”

Grendell said other 2400 Nueces residents she knows are also concerned about the level of noise from the bar at night, with many of them, including Grendell, submitting complaints. As of Sept. 18, Austin 3-1-1 reported 67 noise complaints related to Victory Lap since its opening on Sept. 2. Many complaints came on Fridays and weekends, though people also submitted numerous complaints on weekdays or specified the noise occurred daily.

A spokesperson from Austin’s Development Services Department, which receives 3-1-1 complaints related to outdoor venue noise, said in an email that the city issued multiple citations to Victory Lap over the last two weeks for outdoor amplified noise without the required permit.

“Victory Lap is working to remain compliant with the city of Austin’s noise ordinances,” Anthony Gonzalez, the Victory Lap general manager, said in an email. “For the time being, we will be suspending live music performances in the outdoor section of the venue.”

Victory Lap must address land use and occupancy issues before the venue can apply for an outdoor music permit, the DSD spokesperson said, which would contain requirements on the bar’s outdoor noise, including hours and sound levels.

“Due to the very close proximity of adjacent apartments, if a permit is issued, it will include allowances and restrictions that ensure compatibility with residential quality of life,” the DSD spokesperson said.

Psychology senior Bradley Jacinto said he lives on the opposite side of 2400 Nueces from Victory Lap, so he only hears the bar from his balcony. However, he said lines from people arriving at the venue often block the entrance to the nearby San Antonio Garage, causing traffic issues.

“When it gets later in the week, (the noise) starts picking up around seven or eight (p.m.) and it can go until 10, 11 or even midnight, which can be frustrating,” Grendell said. “I’ve honestly taken to hanging out at a friend’s house in the evenings because I know it’s going to be a quieter space.”

While Grendell said she typically uses noise-canceling headphones to focus on homework while she’s at home, Victory Lap said they will decrease noise levels during stressful times of the semester. 

“(Victory Lap) will be hosting ‘quiet hours’ with no amplified sound on the patio the week leading up to and the week of final exams,” Gonzalez said. “We are dedicated to being a good West Campus neighbor while also celebrating the Longhorns’ wins.”

Grendell said she understands the high levels of noise on game days as a member of the UT community, but remains frustrated with the amount of noise on regular days.

“It’s the effect that having that extra noise has on you when I’m trying to study or just relax or chill in my room,” Grendell said. “That’s always a constant thing in the background.”

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