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October 4, 2022

New Music Monthly: The Daily Texan’s top picks from September

Alexa Zimmermann

September proved to be a month full of notable music releases. As October begins, The Daily Texan compiled a ranking of new album releases from the past month.

  1. “I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Left Yet” by Del Water Gap 

Holden Jaffe, known by his stage name Del Water Gap, released his second studio album “I Miss You Already + I Haven’t Left Yet” on Sept. 29. The album tackles love and heartbreak through straightforward lyricism. Jaffe’s new album sticks to his usual indie rock style and relatability, giving fans more of what they love.

  1. “Ultrapure” by Briston Maroney

Briston Maroney’s sophomore album “Ultrapure” handles nuanced feelings of hope and doubt while showcasing the indie-folk sound for which Maroney gained his fame. Maroney’s album discloses his hopefulness for love and life and the uncertainty that comes with those feelings. He speaks on the finality of life and making the most of every moment in tracks like “Body.” “Ultrapure” proves introspective and confessional, and its strength lies in its reflective lyricism.

  1. “everything is alive” by Slowdive

Slowdive got their start in the early 90s, and their sound continues evolving. Their fifth studio album retains their usual somber, instrument-heavy style with the addition of electronic features. “everything is alive” demonstrates Slowdive’s experimentation with a modern synth-electronic sound while sticking to their shoegaze and dream pop roots.

  1. “Bewitched” by Laufey

Laufey released her second studio album, “Bewitched”, focusing on heartbreak, self-love and identity. Throughout the album, Laufey uses her jazz influences to create a dramatic, melancholy feel, including features from the Philharmonia Orchestra. Laufey’s musicality in “Bewitched” places it near the top of our rankings. Laufey brings a jazz style into the mainstream, different from the usual pop hits.

  1. “The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We” by Mitski

Mitski’s seventh studio album tackles hard topics including religion and addiction. Mitski put into words what it means for her to be American. As the album title suggests, the land is inhospitable and America is inhospitable — but so are we. Mitski’s album portrays her experiences through metaphors, characterization and even features a gospel choir, setting her apart.

  1. “GUTS” by Olivia Rodrigo

Since the release of her debut album, “SOUR”, Rodrigo has become a global superstar and cultural phenomenon. Rodrigo touches on jealousy, love and heartbreak in her powerful second album. The combination of “GUTS” compelling lyrics and musicality with Rodrigo’s influence as a pop star makes“GUTS” a hot topic in the music industry, praised by fans and critics alike. 

Other notable releases:

“Scarlet” by Doja Cat

“BB/ANG3L” by Tinashe 

“CHAPTER 4: The End” by Madeline The Person

“The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess” by Chappell Roan

“Laugh Track (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)” by The National

“Tension” by Kylie Minogue

“Falling or Flying” by Jorja Smith

“Autumn Variations” by Ed Sheeran

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