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October 4, 2022

Five acclaimed writers who studied at UT, fostering talent

Elizabeth Aguilar-Garcia

Becoming a writer consists of vulnerability and devotion to literature, a spirit fostered in the various writing programs offered at UT. Several esteemed writers have passed through these programs and made strides in a number of literary spheres. To celebrate National Book Month and the multitude of talent fostered on campus, The Daily Texan compiled a list of acclaimed writers who completed a step of their education at the Forty Acres.  


Rick Riordan 

The mind behind the fantasy series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” Riordan attended UT for his undergraduate degrees, studying English and History. Graduating in 1986, Riordan went on to teach for 15 years and released his first novel, “Big Red Tequila,” in 1997. While known for his many fantasy series, Riordan dabbles in other genres as well, such as crime and mystery, proving to be a versatile and passionate writer. 


Roger Reeves

Reeves earned his MFA in creative writing and his Ph.D. in English from UT and continues to proliferate the beauty of poetry to blossoming undergraduate and graduate students at the University as an associate professor of English and creative writing. A poet and essayist, Reeves’ work includes his first poetry collection, “King Me,” published in 2013. Reeves’ work showcases raw and deeply profound talent. 


Ladan Osman 

A Somali-American poet, Osman received her MFA at the University’s Michener Center for Writers — an MFA program focusing on poetry and fiction among other creative literary outlets. Osman’s poetry in her collection “The Kitchen Dweller’s Testimony” centers around her cultural and religious experiences as well as the complexities of life. Incredibly lyrical and rich in observation, Osman examines society through her writing. 


Persis Karim 

Karim, an Iranian-American scholar and author, obtained her Ph.D. in comparative literature from UT in 1998 and has gone on to make groundbreaking strides in Iranian diaspora studies. Karim released a collection highlighting the works of fellow Iranian Americans, “A World Between: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans,” in 1999. A deeply personal and outspoken writer, Karim showcases her compassion for representation in the literary world. 


Rolando Hinojosa-Smith 

Spending his undergraduate years at UT with an intermission during his time serving in the Korean War, Hinojosa-Smith’s eclectic range of literary works depicts the interesting trajectory of his life. In 1978, he released his acclaimed novel “Korean Love Songs,” which stems from his time at the war and comments on the relations between Anglo Texans and Texas Mexicans. A strong storyteller, Hinjosa-Smith covered a plethora of topics and genres during his time as a writer.  

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