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October 4, 2022

Halloween costumes sure to stand out

Kenzie Azbill

As Halloween approaches, the annual struggle to find a unique costume comes with it. The Daily Texan compiled a list of Halloween costumes that stand out from“Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” 


The Addams Family

The iconic Addams family, ever so eccentric, proves perfect for any Halloween season: fit for a solo costume with Wednesday Addams, a duo with Morticia and Gomez Addams or a group with the entire Addams family. With several film adaptations, “The Addams Family” contains a plethora of outfits to choose from. This costume simultaneously boasts opportunities for uniqueness while also being widely recognizable. The all-black ensemble proves easy to participate in and guarantees the infamous echo of snaps all night long.   


An American Girl Doll

With various characters created over the years, an American Girl Doll costume embodies nostalgia. Each doll, with its own story and look, allows room for creativity. Capable of being pulled together with any piece of clothing lying around, this makes for the perfect DIY costume. Halloween costumes don’t always need to invoke fear: travel back to the 2000s and remember times from a more carefree childhood.


Pearl – “Pearl”

This gory follow-up movie to “X” gained audiences’ attention with its twisted plot and cunning characters. Pearl, the lead in this slasher film, alternates between a few vintage costumes. However, the most known from the film remains her red dress and baby-blue accented hair bow. Also notable are her bloodied hands and axe, which add more of that Halloween edge. A “Pearl” inspired costume will prove an imaginative yet niche twist on Halloween. 


Evie and Walter – “The Invitation”

“The Invitation” focuses on the pair Evie and Walter and the hidden secrets kept from Evie. This twisted horror film contains various outfit changes attainable for every costume-seeker. From a red feather dress and an old-timey black suit in the dinner scene to their notorious outfits in the unsettling wedding scene, this movie provides endless costume inspiration. Fit for any solo or duo costume, these niche characters might stump friends this Halloween season. 


Jupe – “Nope”

An eerie movie that follows a man (OJ) and his sister (Emerald) as they discover something menacing in the clouds while the owner of a nearby theme park (Jupe) attempts to profit off this phenomenon. While Jupe might not be the centered character in this film, his wardrobe certainly stands out from the rest. This costume, complete with a white floral red suit and cowboy hat, demonstrates a fun and distinct outfit for anyone wanting to stand out.

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