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October 4, 2022

Embrace childhood nostalgia with fall activities

Sharon Chang

Fall goes by unnoticed in Austin due to the endless heat and lack of changing leaves. To mitigate the weather’s lack of cooperation, students can reconnect with their childhood nostalgia, and newer students can adjust to UT by participating in fall activities. Activities such as UT-organized fall events, pumpkin carving with friends and decorating for the season can invite feelings of nostalgia to make UT feel more like home. 

Growing up, certain activities like trick-or-treating, cookie decorating and elementary school costume contests brightened our holiday season. But why restrict these activities to our more youthful past? Indulging in childhood activities can make UT a place of comfort and tradition, therefore eliciting feelings of home. 

A big part of adjusting to university life is creating an atmosphere of belonging and familiarity. As we approach the dog days of the fall semester, recreating memories can help ease the stressors of midterms and schoolwork. Most of us are still in the process of adjusting, so taking part in seemingly inconsequential fall pastimes can have huge benefits, such as improving one’s mood and making for a smoother transition. 

“I think regardless of whether it’s fall or not, (Campus Events + Entertainment) activities are always such a good way to decompress,” said Zenith Jahid, president of Campus Events + Entertainment.

Jahid said that students can participate in on-campus Halloween activities like the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Five Nights at Freddy’s events.  

“(Events are) a really great way to relax, take a break and have fun because everyone needs to treat themselves every now and then,” said Jahid, a management information systems senior.

Nostalgia can serve as a coping mechanism when it comes to the college transition. It can help students by allowing them to revisit comforting memories from their past. Fall encompasses feelings of warmth, togetherness and an appreciation for the transition from summer to autumn. While it is nice to reminisce on our past experiences, it shouldn’t hinder you from having new experiences and fall traditions.  

Participating in seasonal activities with friends also builds stronger connections. The more time spent with those you love can bring you closer. At UT, we find ourselves consistently in the company of friends, so maintaining those connections is a big part of the harmony and unity associated with the season. 

“I feel like it’s very easy to get involved especially during the fall season,” mathematics sophomore Dayanara De Anda said. 

Though participating in certain holiday-related events may not seem like the best way to spend your time, these minor activities can improve moods by offering a reprieve from midterms and other responsibilities. It is crucial to make the most of these opportunities since everything is so conveniently nearby.

Take a moment to explore everything fall has to offer regardless of the non-compliant weather. Fall back into the season, and take a moment to reflect on childhood nostalgia while also creating new memories with friends. 

Shenoy is an economics sophomore from Houston, Texas.

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