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October 4, 2022

Library resources are here for you

Nora Romman

Whether it’s for academic research or staying up-to-date on the latest news, UT Libraries host several different resources that students should remain aware of. Recently, the University added a new resource for students: free access to The New York Times. Still, many students are unaware of these new additions and are missing out by not taking advantage of these resources. Students should stay updated on the resources UT Libraries make available to them.

Library staffers work hard to curate tools for students to use in classes by taking student requests and their feasibility into account. Carolyn Cunningham, head of collection development at UT Libraries, explained how resources like the Times subscription are available to students but remain lesser known.

“We provide academic journals and books and other publications that people need for classes,” Cunningham said. “They would be really expensive if each individual had to access all of the journals and books that they need for their classes and for research on their own.”

Knowing about these journals and references is beneficial for any research-related course,  allowing students to utilize resources when the occasion arises. Psychology sophomore Karyme Garcia explained that the library has aided her major-related research by giving her access to materials she may not have been able to use otherwise.

“The UT library actually has helped me with that,” Garcia said. “It’s really helpful because you can narrow down what you’re looking for. They have databases for not just psychology but everything else.” 

The consolidated information provided by UT Libraries lets students access what they need from one place. With lots of research-based activities available on campus, it may be difficult to keep track of the resources students can take advantage of. Instead, students may find it helpful to consult just one location.

“I don’t really know what the library offers, and I know that they do have resources, but I don’t know where to look,” Garcia said. “So maybe (it would help) if they could have a place that makes it known.” 

More organized information on the UT Libraries site could increase the number of students who use library sources. Cunningham also suggests looking to department librarians for information on accessible, relevant information. 

“One thing that students might not realize is that there are librarians for every subject area,” Cunningham said. “Every subject area has someone like that that’s responsible for keeping the collections fresh and complete and would know all of the details about that area. So, I think (it’s important) just for students to know that they have a librarian that’s responsible for their area and look at our guides or reach out to us from the library website.” 

Having a librarian for each department allows students to efficiently find what they need from the library since they can meet with someone who has more personalized information on a subject. Students should make use of the department librarians to improve their research experience while on campus. 

With the help of department librarians and the UT Libraries website, students can take full advantage of the University’s facilities.

Narwekar is a philosophy and economics sophomore from Coppell, Texas.

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