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October 4, 2022

The Daily Texan’s playlist for intense study sessions

Angela Leon

As the midpoint in the semester passes, assignments and exams begin to pile up. In preparation for inevitable cramming sessions, The Daily Texan curated a playlist that pairs perfectly with coffee shop studying.

“Sunsetz” by Cigarettes After Sex

The opening melody of this famed Cigarettes After Sex tune transports listeners to a place of serenity. This pop band produces many viable study songs, but the simplicity of “Sunsetz” sets it apart from the rest. Written with the feel of nostalgia and performed with passion, this track produces serotonin levels fit for a productive study time.  

“Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers 

Bridgers combines an upbeat melody with a sorrowful undertone in her song. She expresses feelings of emotional drainage after her last relationship and creates a beautifully performed piece. Listen to Bridgers as she pours her heart out while studying those linearization problems. 

“Urn” by Crying City

As Crying City starts the song with her soothing voice, the guitar and piano intertwine to form a comforting tune. The meaning behind “Urn” expands on the insecurities and self-doubt that appear at the start of a romantic relationship. Crying City creates a beat that allows the listener to stay attentive and avoids putting them to sleep.

“Show Me How” by Men I Trust

The indie group, Men I Trust, voices the importance of vulnerability to form a lasting connection with someone. The song pulls people in with mesmerizing lyrics and an attention-grabbing melody. “Show Me How” proves that music positively affects study habits and gives listeners a boost of energy.  

“What Would I Do?” by Strawberry Guy

Strawberry Guy stresses the significance of true love and companionship in this serenade to their significant other. The song begins with downtempo piano and drums, then gradually introduces his dream-like voice as it cuts perfectly through the beat. Enjoy this tune the next time that cobwebbed textbook gets dusted off. 

“rises the moon” by Liana Flores

Flores wrote this song as an anthem for hope and resilience through difficult times. As an infamous indie folk melody, it evokes a sense of nostalgia from listeners and allows them to become enticed as each lyric leaves Flores’ mouth. Whether in a coffee shop or library, “rises the moon” evokes a sense of productivity that most songs don’t.  

“Space Song” by Beach House 

The dream pop duo, Beach House, produces this song as reassurance that hope remains even in the darkest moments. The optimistic beat combined with blissful lyrics encapsulates the true potential of this study song. “Space Song” allows listeners to drown in its melody and provides the studious feel needed in a successful study session. 

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