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October 4, 2022

6 ways to give back this Giving Tuesday

Alexa Zimmerman

After a weekend filled with cashing in on deals, many spend a day giving back during the holiday season. Giving Tuesday, observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, serves as a day to promote generosity and philanthropy. To celebrate, The Daily Texan compiled a list of ways to contribute. 


Give back to a nonprofit organization of choice through donations. Whether a charitable, educational or social welfare nonprofit, donations make for the perfect way to show support. In the case of no preference for an organization, curated an article on a list of nonprofits tackling various issues.     

Pay it forward

Offer to pay for the next person’s order in line at the coffee shop or drive-thru. Hand flowers out to strangers. Leave a positive review at your favorite local business. Paying it forward extends one’s kindness by being kind to someone else. The good deed demonstrates an inexpensive way to give back this holiday season. 


Volunteering, whether at a shelter or through an organization, proves the most hands-on way to give back to the community. This benevolence not only benefits communities but fosters a feel-good psyche. lists a multitude of volunteer opportunities to become involved locally. Additionally, GivePulse remains a helpful tool students can use to connect with service opportunities across campus and central Texas. 

Host a Drive

Putting together a food drive can help a variety of communities. Any organization or group on campus can host a drive and give supplies to a non-profit that aligns with their values. Getting involved and encouraging other students to donate to the cause embodies the true purpose of Giving Tuesday. 

Donate Blood

As daunting as donating blood may seem, the deed saves lives. provides locations in Austin for those who want to participate. Blood remains in high demand, and hospitals cannot fulfill every request. Even for those ineligible to donate, spreading the word and advocating for blood donations proves more than enough.     

Spread Thanks

Writing a letter, sending a note or creating a basket of goodies establishes the perfect way to give thanks. Write a letter to a loved one and express gratitude for their presence. Send a note to a healthcare worker, professor or mentor. Present a “thank you” basket for delivery and postal workers in response to their hard work over the holidays. Spread thanks for the little things that make life enjoyable. 

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