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October 4, 2022

Freshman’s small business ‘Fun Fashions’ to benefit children’s futures

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Ava Bozic with some of her currently available jewelry at the Blanton Museum Store on January 19, 2024.

When Ava Bozic first started selling jewelry at her lemonade stand in sixth grade, she never expected she would eventually raise enough money to financially adopt eight children. Her handmade products are now displayed in various stores around Austin, such as the Blanton Museum Store and Luxe Apothetique.

Bozic’s small business, Fun Fashions, sells a diverse range of necklaces, earrings and rings, and she donates half of her profits to charity. The human dimensions of organizations freshman said she felt the need to take action when she learned about the disparity some youth faced. 

“When I was in history class in sixth grade, I learned about this organization called Save the Children, and I realized how much $1 … can be put to use in such bigger areas,” Bozic said. “I was saddened by the circumstances that a lot of the kids within this program were experiencing and I wanted to do something.”

Turning her hobby of jewelry-making into a business, Bozic said she worked toward having her pieces sold in shops. 

“I started getting into selling jewelry at my lemonade stands,” Bozic said. “There was a local boutique in my town called Sanctuary, (and) I reached out to them. They gave me the opportunity to sell (my products), and I did consignment and then transitioned to wholesale.”

Bozic said her active contributions to her current charity of choice, Zoe Empowers, help children get an education.

“I financially pay every month for these children to go to school, so half of my profits are donated to (Zoe Empowers),” Bozic said. “Each month I pay for their schooling (and) their food.”

Justin O’Connor, the museum manager at the Blanton Museum Store, said many visitors enjoy Bozic’s jewelry, making over $2,000 at the shop last year. 

“(Bozic) keeps her stuff very, very affordable, so all ages and incomes can afford it,” O’Connor said. “We didn’t have anything quite like it — her stuff is very simple, but it has its own look.”

O’Connor said she loves how inclusive Bozic’s pieces are.

“It appeals to all ages,” O’Connor said. “I think a lot of her sweet little necklaces and bracelets can look just as great on a 12-year-old as (they would on) a 50-year-old.”

Lara Murray Palma, a Cornell University freshman and close friend of Bozic, said she commends Bozic’s entrepreneurial drive.

“She’s very organized, very hardworking,” said Murray Palma. “She knows that she wants to take her business far and she’s willing to put in the effort. And she’s really organized and good at time management too.”

Murray Palma said she supports all of Bozic’s accomplishments and looks forward to her future.

“I’m really proud of Ava. She’s worked so hard, and her jewelry is amazing and so fun to wear,” Murray Palma said. “Our entire high school and the community is really proud of her and everything she’s done with the business.”

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