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October 4, 2022

Arab American musical artists to check out for Arab American Heritage Month

Jackson Gibo

April marks Arab American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate Arab culture and recognize the achievements and contributions made by Arab Americans. To commemorate this month, The Daily Texan compiled a list of Arab American musical artists to listen to. 


Brooklyn-born and Montreal-raised singer-songwriter Zeina incorporates her Lebanese-Egyptian roots in an impressive multilingual discography consisting of French, English and Arabic lyrics. Her music carries an air of early 2000s R&B mixed with modern pop, resulting in catchy songs to dance or vibe to. A fierce confidence remains constant through her songs, establishing Zeina as a striking singer-songwriter unafraid to display personality in her work. Her recently-released album, Eastend Confessions examines relationships and independence through an R&B and Indie-Pop lens. Showcasing soulful singing and introspective lyricism, Zeina delivers refreshing, no-skip music that upholds high-quality artistry.  

Song recommendation: “Take Me Down” 


Palestinian-Canadian pop singer Nemahsis embodies power through vulnerability. Raw, and occasionally, poignant lyrics fill her songs and often feature orchestral arrangements in the background. Her discography features a beautifully written EP, titled eleven achers, which includes stripped-back instrumentals to highlight her powerful voice. Easily moving her voice through falsettos and lower registers, Nemahsis’ vocals craft an impressive display of storytelling through music.

Song recommendation: “what if i took it off for you?” 


Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Felukah captures the distinct sound of songs infused by diverse backgrounds. Not limited to a single genre, Felukah’s discography carries blends of disco, R&B, pop and hip-hop. Her singing and rap seamlessly weave English and Arabic together, creating a unique palette of bilingual music. The Love Serum, her latest album, includes poetic lyrics and smooth production that encapsulates the essence of neo-soul. With lyrics that pay homage to Egyptian culture, women’s empowerment and self discovery, Felukah curates a listening experience full of passion and creativity. 

Song recommendation: “Fruitseller”

Nadine El Roubi

Sudanese singer-songwriter and rapper, Nadine El Roubi, creates songs that intertwine fresh, brazen rap with sensual singing. Her clever wordplay and smooth flow result in catchy lyrics that complement dynamic background bases, snares and ad-libs. While portraying an image of laid-back swag, careless confidence reveals itself in her rap. The artist’s discography represents the epitome of versatility, showcasing her ability to switch between rap and soulful vocals with ease and experiment with hip-hop, R&B and pop-inspired production. 

Song recommendation: “Honey Butter”

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