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October 4, 2022

Texas Lady Lifters hosts second Booty Camp, aims to empower women

Courtesy of Leslie Gonzales

Sweat slowly rolls down foreheads and muscles ache as women gather in a gym for Texas Lady Lifters’ Booty Camp.

Texas Lady Lifters, a women’s weightlifting organization, hosted its first Booty Camp in February at Empoderadas Gym in collaboration with personal trainer Paris O’Neal. Texas Lady Lifters prepares to host its second Booty Camp with O’Neal at Zilker Park on Saturday at noon. This donation-based women-only glute workout includes cold plunges and free entry into raffles. 

“I like to host all of these because not only do we get a good workout in for beginner and advanced people, but it’s a good way for girls to make new friendships and meet new people in the area,” O’Neal said. 

Leslie Gonzales, co-founder and president of Texas Lady Lifters, said the first Booty Camp taught her many things and she enjoyed partaking in it alongside the 30 other estimated attendees. 

“Attending a Booty Camp (and) being with a bunch of girls who are in the same place as you would be helpful,” psychology sophomore Gonzales said. “It’s a good place to start if you’re a beginner.”

Gabriela Yrizar, an international relations and global studies sophomore, said the welcoming environment remains her favorite part of the camp. 

“Getting a good workout and being able to enjoy the atmosphere …  you get more motivated when working out with lots of girls,” Yrizar said. “And the personal trainer is helpful because sometimes you need guidance.”

O’Neal said she loves creating new and fun workouts for these camps but assures attendees that each proves doable for any skill level. 

“This is beginner and advanced-friendly. There’s always modifications for everything we do,” O’Neal said. “You don’t have to be in your fitness journey to join, which is nice.” 

Along with achievable workouts, O’Neal said the Booty Camps provide women with an inclusive space to prevent feelings of imposter syndrome. 

“I push girls (to) come by themselves. … I promise you won’t feel alone,” O’Neal said. “You are going to make a friend here no matter what and when you come to these events, you come open-minded. It’s a great way to put yourself out there in a comfortable space.” 

Gonzales said Texas Lady Lifters welcomes all women and guarantees all events hosted by this organization are judgment-free. She said aching joints and new faces excite her for this upcoming camp.

“I’m ready for the soreness again and hoping to learn some new exercises so we’ll see what Paris has in store for us,” Gonzales said. “Also, I hope to see new girls out there.” 

According to Hornslink, Texas Lady Lifters commits to empowering women and aims to create a safe and affirming environment. Yrizar said the purpose of these Booty Camps aligns with that. 

“It’s challenging to go in a male-dominated space being a woman, (and) this community is seeking to help girls beat that fear,” Yrizar said.

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