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October 4, 2022

What goes into building the success of Texas soccer

Skyler Sharp
Freshman Arianna Brothers runs with the ball down the field on Oct. 8, 2023 at Texas’ game against Iowa State.

When teams win championships, the opportunity comes from the culmination of hard work from not only the players, but the coaches and staff that work together behind the scenes. Bryce Raygor, Director of Operations for the Texas soccer team, is one of the main contributors to the success of the program.

Raygor’s relationship with the sport began at a very young age, since his mother, Keri Sanchez, was a soccer player herself.

“Soccer has been a part of my life ever since I was born,” Raygor said. “My mom was a professional soccer player and then I was born when she was coaching at the University of Oregon.” 

Raygor grew up in Southern California and would play collegiate soccer there while his mother was an assistant coach for the Texas soccer team, working alongside her former college teammate and current Texas soccer head coach, Angela Kelly. Looking to them as inspiration, Raygor would ultimately decide to transfer to the University of Texas.

“My mom and I knew Coach Kelly at the University of Texas, and (she) convinced me to transfer to Texas where I would be able to work for the program,” Raygor said. 

During his time as an undergraduate, Raygor worked with the creative development department for all sports, alongside working as a student manager of the volleyball team. Raygor also worked under the previous Director of Operations for Texas soccer as a graduate student before being offered the position in the fall of 2022. 

“My second fall going into grad school, the director of operations here ended up taking another job on campus, which opened up that opportunity and I’m grateful enough that Coach Kelly offered me the position,” Raygor said. 

Now filling the role himself, Raygor’s schedule is very busy. Raygor starts in the equipment room, making sure players have the gear they need. After attending morning practices with the team, Raygor’s office duties begin, which include preparing for the next game by coordinating hotels, food, buses and coordinating with the opposing team as well. 

“Anything you can think of A to Z I would try to help take care of because ultimately the goal is to allow our players to focus on playing and our coaches to focus on coaching,” Raygor said. 

Despite the workload, there are things that Raygor does that he enjoys, such as designing the uniforms and gear the team wears every season.

“Many people may wonder ‘Who gets to design the uniform or who’s picking what color jackets they’re wearing or where did their cleats come from?’ And that’s an opportunity that I take pride in and find joy in, just trying to be creative and finding something unique here,” Raygor said. 

Raygor says that working for the program has allowed him to connect with other staff members such as athletic trainers, strength coaches, dietitians and even sports scientists.

“There’s a whole family not just circulated around just the players and coaches,” Raygor said. “But just our extracurricular staff that also adds to the family environment and the great culture we have here.” 

Although Raygor’s job involves a multitude of tasks, he does them out of love for the sport he’s been surrounded by for years. 

“It’s been a part of my entire life,” Raygor said. “The fact that I now get to have a job that revolves around the sport that I love is something that I will be forever grateful for.” 

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