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October 4, 2022

Maymester memories: Longhorns share favorite moments from study abroad

Amara Lopez

For those who want to experience new places and cultures through study abroad but don’t have a whole semester to spare, a three-week Maymester proves a great option. This year, over 800 students in 38 programs studied across roughly 20 countries over the May term, UT Education Abroad said in an email. The Daily Texan gathered a collection of students’ favorite moments. 


Wadi Rum, Jordan

A bonfire crackles, a million stars adorn the sky and people dance the night away. The expanse of eroded canyons brings wisps of warmth as interpersonal communications senior Maheen Khan drinks in the peacefulness of the Wadi Rum desert.

“My favorite part was the quietness of the desert at night,” Khan said.

The big screen frequently displays the beauty of the desert, as it served as the filming site for movies including “Dune”, “The Martian” and “Star Wars”. Khan said Jordan as a whole proved more fascinating than she imagined.

“I had no idea how much history was in Jordan before I went,” Khan said. “After going to these sites, I was like, ‘I want to know (more).’”


Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala

Cramped in a small motor boat on the open waters of Lake Atitlán, biology sophomore Neona Jose and fellow classmates continued their long journey from Antigua, Guatemala, to the Mayan villages. After ten minutes of a rocky ride, the blue haze melted into lush greenery as land materialized before them.

“All of a sudden you see a volcano appear, and then you see land, lots of trees, little houses and other kinds of architecture,” Jose said.

Arriving in the village area, Jose said the smallness of the world struck her as everyone knew one another.

“It’s crazy coming from a big city where you don’t even stop to say hi to someone,” Jose said. “You go to an area where everyone is so friendly and welcoming in wanting you to experience their culture, which is really cool to see.”


Seoul, South Korea

“All the Korean ajummas (were) lined up all selling a bunch of foods for super cheap, trying to get you to visit their stall,” exercise science junior Kelly Chin said. “It was super fun to see that this is what’s normal to people in South Korea.” 

Reminiscing on her favorite sweet and spicy tteokbokki snack, Chin said the business of Gwangjang Market reflects the hustle and bustle of Seoul. According to Visit Korea, established in 1905, Gwangjang Market remains one of Seoul’s oldest daily markets and a vital piece of local life. Chin said traveling to South Korea achieved her dream of visiting Asia and trying street food.

“Being in Asia allowed me to feel welcomed (and) at home,” Chin said.


Cork, Ireland

The mix of modern and historic architecture characterizes Cork, Ireland’s, city center. Roaming from shop to shop, biochemistry junior Giulia Mayhua Pezo made friends all along the way.

“I would go into a store and, let’s say with someone around my age, we would start talking,” Mayhua Pezo said. “I get a little shy around strangers, obviously, because they’re strangers. They are definitely able to be more outgoing there. I (would get) their Instagram and we would talk and see if we could hang out with the days remaining.”

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